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Monday, December 17, 2007

North Node in Aries, Libra South Node

Aries North Node, Libra South Node
Your Aries North Node Soul wants to find its courage. It wants to be excited, to explore, and even to be stressed out--- if that’s what it will take to bring forth the independent and courageous side of you! Courage is the high road for Aries, and it’s what we do each time we step up the plate and “show up” whether we feel like it or not. Courage is what we need to have to survive and to be a pioneer. You are the natural survivor, pioneer, entrepreneur and sacred warrior of the zodiac.
Is it that fools rush in where angels fear to tread? Or simply that your enthusiasm and fresh attitude of “why not?” motivates the rest of us? You may not feel like the fearless one-- for courage is often stressed into a person by acts of bravery, but remember that courage is something you learn as you allow yourself to feel the fear and do it anyway. Your Soul may have chosen to be born into situations that have motivated you to develop the spiritual muscle of bravery. You are here to walk your talk and to learn to “step up to the plate.”
As you exercise your independent nature, rather than re-enacting old tendencies of enmeshment or co-dependence, you inspire us to want to be with you, and to hear your stories, your truth. Don’t be too cautious. Earlier in this life, or in former lives, you may have heeded too closely to rules of justice, reason, and skillfully “getting along” and in the process compromised parts of yourself in a deadening attempt to please and accommodate. Now you are called to let conventional roles and habits give way to a more exciting, truthful, and passionate nature. As you dare to follow through on what truly excites your curiosities, you leave behind your South Node traces of dependency and--dare we call it “normalcy?” In this life, you don’t want linger too long in any social group, for your Soul needs some alone time as well as a good dose of adventure and risk taking. Inter-dependence rather than co-dependence seems to be called for now.
For you there is a yearning for the adrenaline rush of new beginnings, and you excel at seeing fresh possibilities and new ideas. Give yourself permission not to have to follow through on every last detail. And, if you try to be overly accommodating and to try to make peace at any cost, you may lose your focus or energy. Like in the old fairytale about the Emperor who rode through the streets naked and didn’t know it, you are meant to be the one to tell the Emperor he has no clothes on! And there’s no social niceties with that one. Aries North Node understands the paradoxical nature of people and life, and has a keen intelligence and humor that often surprises people. When you dare to act and speak outside the norm, you can delve surprisingly deep. And as a “slayer of dragons and a rescuer of maidens” (or lads) you are best when you are not only a thinker, but a doer as well….maybe even a sacred warrior.
Somewhere in the midst of your life journey, usually after your first Saturn Return (at approximately age 29) you are able to turn on your path to redeem the gold in the shadow of your Libra South Node. Redeeming the gold in the shadow of the South Node is about reclaiming your natural gifts. But these natural abilities are also your familiar path of least resistance and are best redeemed only after you have done the work of the North Node---after you have survived the slings and arrows of this new call to a courageous life. Then you can be the tactful mediator and peacemaker. Aries and Libra are ruled by Mars and Venus, respectively, and there’s nothing juicier than to allow the masculine and feminine aspects of your nature to stimulate and balance each other.

Soul Purpose: Courage, survival, entrepreneurial pioneering in any field. Dependence on your own skills and abilities, rather than enmeshment with others.

Shadow: Compromising behavior and fearing to share your deepest feelings, ideas, and talents. “Going along with things” leads you into the shadows.

*** Psychological ground-breakers Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both had the Aries North Node. Each of these men embodied the Aries pioneering spirit that broke new ground in the world of psychology. With South Nodes in Libra, they were called to break away from the limitations of partnerships and relationships—even with each other—and to reach for the self-directed, independent qualities of Aries.

Jung’s North Node was in the 2nd house of self-worth, suggesting how important it was for him to produce a body of work that would prove himself to himself. With his South Node in the 8th house of other people’s values, he needed to let go of the approval of others, and acquire the self-confidence one gets by defining oneself in one’s own terms. Jung’s break with Freud at his Uranus Opposition (around age forty) was extremely traumatic for Jung and precipitated his short but intense psychological breakdown. In later years, Jung’s independence and disregard for other’s opinions, allowed him to have intimate relationships with many people, and to explore the taboo subjects of alchemy and astrology.

Freud’s North Node Aries was in the 6th house, suggesting that he was called to be both devoted to his work and to the needs of his physical body. Whether he was a hypochondriac or in as much physical pain as he said he was, was not as important as the need he had to attend to his body as well as his Work. Many people would say Freud had psychosomatic illnesses and a cocaine addiction, yet despite this, few people would discount the great work that he pioneered in his life. It’s worthwhile to remember that we should never be too judgmental about another person’s success or lack of success in reaching their North Node aspirations. We all fail and succeed in varying degrees.

© Elizabeth Spring



mm said...

What a good post.

As an interested party (!) with North Node in Aries, conj Moon in 8th, I would agree with practically everything you have written.

However I would just say while I know I have made progress it is continual ongoing struggle not to fall into the shadow Libra tendencies of people-pleasing. And I've just had my second Saturn return! I find confrontation desperately difficult (Virgo asc and Sun sq Saturn in Leo probably doesn't help either). It's all too easy to swing between hair-trigger, if unexpressed, anger and compulsive diplomacy.

Independence, courage, the love of new ventures and new beginnings, and the ability to show up for difficult things. Yes, I do have these as well, but the fallback position is always displomacy and the struggle to maintain harmony at all costs.

Oh well. Onward and upward!

elizabeth spring said...

Hi MM...
Just the fact that you aware of all that, gives you great freedom of choice. Moon in the 8th is so aware of the fragility of life, that even when you know the emotional bottom-line of a situation, you might still choose to be diplomatic and maintain harmony. Not so bad, really. Just remember your choices when it really counts.....~E.S.

mm said...

It all really comes back to acceptance. Very helpful, Elizabeth. Thanks.

stardust said...

My South Node is in Libra and am having my Saturn return this year also. I am now reading Sardello's book The Power of Soul, Living the Twelve Virtues. It has been very helpful to read his inspired writing about the virtue of Balance. Having the South Node in Libra in the Twelfth House near my natal Neptune,I'm not sure I have ever had a whole idea of what Balance as a virtue,is . He says,"Balance has to do with how it is possible to live in the region of the heart and be open to the soul and spirit,to the realm of the invisible and at the very same time live a very grounded practical, mundane earthly life."

elizabeth spring said...

Really well said! I took a couple of "Sophia's workshops" with Sardello and his group years ago and they were very special times...I really like him. Thanks for the comment....ES

neith said...

He says,"Balance has to do with how it is possible to live in the region of the heart and be open to the soul and spirit,to the realm of the invisible and at the very same time live a very grounded practical, mundane earthly life."

This fits nicely with the teachings of Pir Vilayat of the Sufi Order. He also suggested one of the most challenging paths to Mastery was through one-on-one relationships. This may be one of the challenges of North Node in Libra but applies to all who have Libra strongly featured in their charts.

elizabeth spring said...

Interesting how whether its about the Nodes, or even about another strong aspect in one's chart, it works the same the Libra/Aries is a polarity like you said Neith, and the helpful solution to one polarity is to act on the other. So the Libra will ask, and the Aries will tactfully ask...and maybe listen and receive as Sun is in Libra and Moon in Aries, and I stumble around this dance all the time, feeling misunderstood and/or saying or being too much at times, and stepping on other people's toes as we dance....~ES

Snautrag said...

I have this NN in Aries and I always feel empowered when I just let go and do it. It's those times when I lack the confidence to go for it that I suffer. I mean I really suffer. Best to be thought a fool and just dive in.

Zeb said...

I have North Node in Aries in the First House (as well as an Aries Ascendant) and am floored at how accurately descriptions of Aries North Node fit me, far more than my sun sign, which is Virgo.

A simple question: Does the fact that my Aries North Node is also in the First House intensify the effects? Similarly, would my Aries Ascendant add to the intensity of the mix?



elizabeth spring said...

Yes, but you really need to look at everything that SN Libra is about too....all about that I--Thou balance. Relationships. Balnace....~elizabeth

Zeb said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for your swift response. That's good advice - I will certainly incorporate South Node Libra information into the equation. Hopefully this will enable me to retain the "gold in the shadow" you've mentioned while still moving in the direction of my North Node Aries.

I've been interested in Astrology for many years but I'm now quite puzzled as to why this North/South Node stuff isn't very well known and rarely seems to get a mention in horoscopes, especially considering its significance. As I said in my earlier post, I'm still blown away by how much I can identify with the North Node Aries description, and how much of my own life journey thus far it seems to explain, far more so than any other astrological reading I've ever come across in over 20 years. My sun sign of Virgo now seems practically redundant.

One final question: I read that the North Node influence is generally triggered after the age of 40. Is this true? (I'm 41.)

Thanks again for your elegant and user-friendly website.



Deb said...

Hi Elizabeth,
My boyfriend is an Aries NN/Libra SN and after reading your information I'm beginning to wonder if we can have a relationship that can work. He's constantly swinging from wanting to be with me, to wanting to be independent. I'm Pisces NN/ Virgo SN (and interestingly he's virgo sun sign, while I'm cancer). In fact he asked me and my daughter to move in with him and his son, then two weeks later told me he couldn't handle it and asked me to move out again. He tells me he wants me in his life but it feels like he doesn't know how to actually do that in a balanced and loving way. I'm swinging from being compassionate and understanding, to getting really upset that this isn't the kind of relationship I want. I'm now getting so incredibly confused with our whole dynamic (when we are together the love between us is so warm, and gentle and nurturing) that I'm at a loss what to do. I'm now beginning to think that this is going to be an ongoing problem between us and that his desire to be independent won't allow him to have a real relationship with me. I don't want us to be passing ships in the night off on our own tangents. I want a soul companion. So does my desire to be strong individuals within a team go against the whole soul mission of the Aries NN? Or is this just normal behaviour for an Aries NN to establish a relationship that can work for them?


elizabeth spring said...

I can't do really long questions or answers on this blog, but if you order the book here, and include you and your boyfriends birth days, times, and places--all three! I'll include the charts with them. But it has to be through not amazon for the charts....~E

Yoda said...

Thank you for your insightful writing about North Node in Aries. Mine's at 0°28'53 in house 1 direct. I just turned 40 and am finding the write ups about Nodes really resonates with me. All the Aries in my chart, I'm finding it really coming out more and more. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi good stuff. I actually have my NN at 00 degrees in Pisces in the 1st house. I haven't been able to find any info with this placement & you seem to have a lot of wisdom. I have been following my intuition more & have already realized that I have to give up any kind of *conventional* life. I'm just curious what you think of this Aries/Pisces combination. Peace, Love & Abundance, V-

elizabeth spring said...

My hope is that you've been able to read your North and South Node by sign and house on this blog to find what you need to know. Because you're on the cusp, you may also want to read NN Aquarius as well. I'm curious if it's easy to find what you need on the blog under the chapter labels or if not, the book has it all in a much easier to read fashion. Hope that helps....~E

janet said...

north node at 00 aries (aries point). i'm wondering what you think of the coming uranus jupiter conjunct on the aries point in 2010. i have a sense that i should be prepared for the unexpected.
charging and changing forward...

Jaso Julian said...

I have NN in Aries in the first house and appreciate the info, it sounds appropriate. However, how does one reconcile the NN in Aries being what we need to acquire in this life while at the same time having Aries rising? It is already there if the same as the rising sign, or what would you say?

Anonymous said...

wow, I dont even have much words to say. but alot of what you wrote above hits the spots on alot of things.I never considered it to be a fear to share my deepest feeling ideas and talents. Then again maybe I did but in another form of a way for me it felt like the fear of getting hurt or hurting the ones around me.

question- could it be that a aries and a libra can be drawn to one another?

smiithium said...

Became intrigued by astrology when I found out my Moon is Pisces, Jupiter dominated chart generally, but it started becoming useful for my personal growth, I think, when it came to North Nodes and Houses, n'fer me this description is pretty dead-on.. having traveled as much as I have, due the burning desire, even lived alone in the woods as a backcountry ranger (Mars exalt Neptune in the 9th + Moon/Mercury 12th)... but it really hits home for me when, upon reflection, I discovered a lot of my loneliness-induced pain has a hefty mark of too much social accommodation, 'forced diplomacy' fears etc, and wouldn't matter how many adventurous gains I'd experience until I learned to recognize my part in my development, as well as the need for relationships beyond comfort.

Letting go is hard XD
Interesting post!

Elizabeth Spring said...

Glad to have you as a reader, and sounds like you have some good insights into yourself! If you're wanting more info on all this, does have my book on North Node Astrology for sale. But I also like to look at all the comments I get from others, as being little messages to me too! And as a Libra Sun, I can relate to what you wrote as well....

Anonymous said...

having my saturn return right now i am only 23! for 3 weeks : ). i have libra sun and ascendant, my north node is aries, my inner spirit is definitely aries like but my double libra does get the best of me, to always 'do the right thing'. what would be your insight?


solo said...

i have libra sun sign and libra ascendant, my rising is aries. my inner spirit is very aries like but my double libra does get to me, always inclined to do the 'right thing'. my saturn return is happening now, i am only 23 going on 24!.

would love to hear your insights

kind regards

Richard Gumsley said...

Thank you for your so cool post,it is useful,i love it very much. Please share with us more good articles.
Aries sign

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Debra! What about NN Aries 8th House and SN Libra in 2nd house? What do I need to leave behind? (By the way: mars in Capricorn 4th house, venus in Virgo 12th house in my chart)

Elizabeth Spring said...

My book North Node Astrology really is more detailed and could help... You can get it through in Audible and Kindle as well as paperback...of my 4 books it's the best seller...also check out my website :