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Saturday, March 15, 2008

North Node Leo

North Node Leo

It's time to take center stage! Have you been waiting for the support of friends or colleagues, or even for "more information" before stepping up to the plate in your life? Your Soul yearns to come forward now, to take chances, to see life as a game worth playing—simply because it's fun and a challenge. Somewhere in your past you may have lost a joyful sense of play and spontaneity and now it's time to recover your exuberant self-confidence again, and to share it.

Either earlier in this life or in a former life, you were living on the sidelines watching others interact on center stage. You felt exiled, even if you weren’t. Now its time to engage yourself actively--be creative with a paintbrush, your children, or simply how you live each day. Color outside the lines of your everyday life and rejoice at the results. “Follow your bliss” the mythologist Joseph Campbell was fond of saying, and as the Persian poet Rumi once said: “Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.” Following your passion and bliss is good North Node medicine for you. If you don’t know what it is, you are called to listen to yourself more—ask yourself: what makes you laugh, cry, rage?

When a person holds the energies of the rebel, the genius and the outsider, we see Aquarius strong in the chart—often with a South Node in Aquarius. There’s an unconscious soul conditioning to think differently, and therefore you may be aware of not being really heard. You may speak your Truth in a way that doesn’t understand how it’s being received—so learning to communicate well, and with empathic feeling is important for you. Aquarius can tend to be so objective, or so focused in one direction, that it loses touch with the feeling-based world it lives in.

Why is this? In re-incarnationally based evolutionary astrology. it could be said that you may have soul-memories of persecution or even torture, so there can be a tendency to dissociate at times—a reflex defense that “gets you away emotionally”. And why not, if you might have suffered as an exiled heretic before? Now, you are moving away from that lonely position of being the outsider to the savvy position of being effective in the world—and feeling connected to others. You are learning to love and to express yourself with others who might have burned you at the stake in a former life for the beliefs you held. Whew—evolutionary re-incarnational theory can get intense at times.
So… whether married or single, don't detach yourself from emotional situations, but engage yourself fully and find ways to keep all your relationships fresh and alive. But this is not a license for irresponsibility, in fact, you may be surprised by how upset people can get with you when you act carelessly around issues of trust or with changing plans--people can get quite attached to you and take your actions too personally. It is also through the interrelationship with others that you'll find the high energy and passion that feeds you.

In this life it's healing for you to leave behind an overly balanced sense of objectivity, seriousness, and perhaps aloofness as well. You are meant to open your generous heart to everyone this time around and to let your true light shine. Be real and unique, for you have the soul of a performer, the touch of the aristocrat, and the charm of a child. You've come into this life to be seen and accepted and to feel the joy of knowing love. Dare to give your talents and gifts to the world. Don't wait for others to ask you--take the initiative yourself.
As you turn on your path and retrieve the gold in the shadow of your South Node of Aquarius, you may find that you have a talent for discovering fresh ideas, new inventions, and innovative ways of being in the world. However be mindful of what groups and friends you choose to affiliate yourself with. There is a tendency for some N. Node Leos to get into groups they don't have a natural affinity with. When you act from your own passions, values, and priorities you'll naturally find the people who are right for you. Don't sacrifice who you really are for the appearance of popularity or for the sake of duty. Instead, keep your mind on your intuitive promptings and proceed step by step to making your dreams a reality...and in the process you'll find your true friends as well.

Soul Purpose: Loving connections with others healing the sense of being the outsider or the persecuted one. By leaving behind harsh judgments of self or others, the idea now is to “Come in from the cold and become one of us.” Join with the family of man, and make your presence felt. Be effective and compelling rather than “being right” and alone and different.

Shadow: A deeply entrenched unconscious fear can entice you to be controlling, inflexible or stubborn especially in the little things of life. Practice forgiveness and letting your funny bone out. You could be a good comedian! Humor acknowledges the dark side of life with a detached and ironic perspective, and a heartfelt humor that knows the pain of life yet accepts the full drama of it as well.
Folk/rock singer songwriter Joni Mitchell has this Nodal combination. Writer of songs such as “Woodstock” and “Both Sides Now” Joni has had great professional and personal success in her life. As a child, Joni moved around Canada quite a bit with her parents, but discovered her passion and joy at an early age: At the age of nine, Mitchell contracted polio during a Canadian epidemic, but she recovered after a stay in hospital. It was during this time that she first became interested in singing. She describes her first experience singing while in hospital during the winter in the following way: "They said I might not walk again, and that I would not be able to go home for Christmas. I wouldn't go for it. So I started to sing Christmas carols and I used to sing them real loud...The boy in the bed next to me, used to complain. And I discovered I was a ham." In later life, Joni was also able to happily reunite with her daughter whom she had given up for adoption earlier in life. Her early life feelings of social disconnection (past life?) could be described in an interview she gave to the The New York Times in which she said that her memoirs were "in the works", and that the first line would be "I was the only black man at the party"[

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Jan Bird said...

I've just discovered your site and this blog, and am delighted to have found your comments on Leo North Node. I've a 4th house North Node in Leo (at 9.29 Leo) which conjuncts Venus at 10.26 Leo. Venus opposes Saturn exactly at 10.26 Aquarius so the opposition is tied tightly to the nodal axis - I clearly can't ignore it in this life! Saturn/South Node was the definite ruler of my early working life - a government administrator - until illness forced me to leave it behind. I'd been good at it, and it was definitely a "comfort zone" to be objective and detached. But leaving that career was the impetus I needed for Leo North Node and Venus to really start making themselves felt, and I'm discovering a creativity and acting ability I didn't know I possessed. I'm also planning to work with children - something deep down I've always wanted to do, like the acting - I just needed to work through to find it. So the Leo energy is really working for me now, and it's beginning to feel natural. , Thanks Elizabeth and I look forward to reading more of your work.

elizabeth spring said...

Hi Jan~
Good to hear from you--and what a story! What a great example of the Leo North Node pulling you towards your highest creative joyful Self...the signs and the symbolism and the particulars of your life seem to correspond just perfectly....thanks for adding to this discussion, and I also really love the fact that you're doing some acting!! That's great. There's also more to the Nodes than I've really had a chance to go into....the aspects to them and the rulers.....lots of good stuff to delve into....~elizabeth

jan bird said...

Thanks for your comments Elizabeth - I've been thinking more about the house positions of the Nodes too as that helps me to identify the areas of life where these energies are most visible. My Aquarius Saturn/South Node conjunction is in the 10th (conjunct Aquarius MC by 6 degrees) and the Venus/North Node in the 4th (with a corresponding conjunction to the Leo IC). So there's also a connection to the angles. It really is proving to be a 10th house/4th house issue for me - concentrating so hard on my earlier career and how I appeared in the world, that family and home life were neglected. Interestingly what kept me going during several months off ill was researching family roots, so it was beginning even then! Looking at the North Node in particular in the 4th, made me realise that this lifetime needs to be about nurturing - myself and others - through creativity and love (Venus/Leo). And that I can use the skills that come naturally to me through the Aquarian South Node/Saturn - good organisation, a strongly humanitarian instinct and an ability to be objective and detached where I need to be. I think it's a fascinating exercise to look at all the positive qualities of both nodes and look towards achieving the North Node potential using the skills inherent in our "comfort zone" South Node. It's really helped me to balance the two energies.

elizabeth spring said...

Yes, looking at the positive qualitities of both nodes is key, and realizing that there's gold in the South Node as well, despite the fact that it's comfortable---we've earned it! I think especially in the second half of life it's good to go for the gold in the south node. Also, do you have any squares to your Nodes? This needs to be an article too...we need to see these as a skipped step, or something we need to acutalize in our life so that we can more easily get to the North Node potential. Say, you sound like an it just a part-time passion? ~elizabeth

jan bird said...

Thank you Elizabeth! I started studying astrology when I was about 17, I found a very old (pre-Pluto!) book and it fascinated me. It went on from there. I'm now 45I have a progressed Mercury/Uranus tight conjunction at 1 Virgo which I think might explain why it's becoming more of a passion every day! I've been doing chart interpretations for friends for so long (for nothing!)and I've decided to try to market my skills more widely. That progressed conjunction has just crossed the 5th cusp!
As for squares to the Nodes - yes, there's a Neptune square (at 10.54 Scorpio) in the 6th house. I'm fascinated by what you've said about "a skipped step", that makes so much sense to me. It's been a mystery (Neptune!) to me, as it never seemed to fit when I was in my administrative career (not surprisingly as that was so out of tune with spiritual energy). I often had a vague sense of discontent around work, but nothing I could fix on. Illness, a thyroid problem, forced me to leave (it took months to diagnose, and months to recover, which seems very typical of Neptune). Since becoming ill, I've been attuned to reiki, and I continue to have healing treatments, have taken up shamanic drumming and am discovering a spiritual path with a very Neptunian group of friends. So it is beginning to open up for me, and what was a skipped step is now integrating itself. A bit off the topic, but Neptune trines Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces (11th house) and the Sun in Cancer (in 2nd) so there has always been potential to use the Neptune healing energy and to be receptive to it. I have these great ideas around developing creative therapies with children, involving music, drama, art and reiki healing - which I'm beginning to investigate. That would be a great way to work with all the elements in a challenging fixed t-square!

Ana said...

Hi elizabeth
thank you for posting everything, it's a useful read
for me it has been a key issue for a long time now to find my direction in life
to find the things that make my heart sing (as a true Leo North Noder) :)

but i must say that i'm having some problems and if you have a comment i would appreciate it immensely.

My NN is Leo in 7th house, SN AQuarius in the 1st House

i just cant seem to make complete sense out of this, i feel sometnig but it's not that palpable.

I read all about where i should be going to as Leo NN, but when I let go and concentrate on fun, joy, exuberance, play, all of a sudden I feel egoistic (1st house SN), and i've read that I shouldn't be like that, I should look more at other people. BUt then I get caught up with other people and forget about myself, and my creativity, and that feels like going back to my SN Aquarius all over again

can you help me out of this mess??
I'm not asking you for an in-depth interpretation of course, just an insight that might be helpful for my further investigation

thank you


elizabeth spring said...

Hi Ana~
Good to hear from you. It's an interesting "dance" you're being called to do---to be the joyous self-expressive, open-hearted Leo yet to constantly hold in your mind and heart how who you are and what you are doing is impacting the other person and people around you. It's quite a balancing act to go between the Aquarius/Leo polarity, but you bring with you the benefits of the wider more objective Aquarian humanitarian viewpoint, and you bring it into your relationships--- which now have more of a focus on Self. Just keep it on the Self with a capital S, not the small s and you should be fine! ~elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth - thanks for your entry. As a leo north noder I've struggled my whole life with the fear of standing out which even mainfests as an acute fear of public speaking. I have Aquarius in the sixth house and Leo in the 12th house as my node axis. I've been working on this for years - trying to say what I think as diplomatically as possible and not being afraid to stand out (but its a struggle at times). In fact I think I have often found myself with periods of having few friends just in order that I can learn how to be by myself (but I usually find friends again after chaning my circumstance- I think this may pertain to my sun in libra). Do you have any thoughts about a leo in the 12th house north node? I'm not sure how they relate since they are such different energies. If you are willing, any insight you could give would be greatly appreciated!


elizabeth spring said...

Hi Ruth~thanks for your input, and sorry for my slow reply. A good friend of mine has this nodal axis, and I must say she is so much happier and at peace with herself when she finds way to joyfully express her Leo nature with friends and those she loves. And she's a therapist and astrologer too, so she does like to go into the unconscious realms and enjoys being helpful to others there. It is an unusual placement, and perhaps worthy of an an depth reading when you're at a transitional time. The South Node in Aquarius in the 6th likes to analyze, but don't forget to embody the Leo in non-verbal activities music or dancing, or some form of art. Hope this helps a little.....~elizabeth

Drum said...

This site is great! Thanks so much for sharing! I stumbled upon it today while searching out karmic astrology and was shocked how badly I've overlooked the nodes all these years. I'll be turning 29 in about 5 months (4/20/81) and am really starting to feel saturn tugging. My N. node is in Leo in the 12th house which by your interpretation should be a time to kick back and enjoy the sunset but it's strange, i'm feeling the exact opposite. Like I need be doing something important for humanity (I have sun,merc,venus,mars all in the 9th house along w/ chiron). So I really don't know what to think...maybe I'm just expecting my saturn return to be focused on a call to service because i'm presently looking at it from a s.node 6th house perspective? I feel like we all incarnate to do some kind of work right? Otherwise why come back?

John Powderly said...

Now, I know why I love Joni Mitchell!

Bob said...

wow. real nice to find this. thank you very much.

Bayan said...

This is so informative! Thanks for posting this info for a us Leo northnoder's. I can totally relate to what your sayin and somehow still find it hard to just take the center of the stage we call life. Why is it so hard, and why are we always looking for validation from others? My north node in Leo is in my 6th house with a sun in Leo and moon in Pisces. Any thoughts?!

AndreaMagdalena said...

Thank you for this. It is a very interesting description but with so many different configurations and ``free will of others`` life does not always unfolds as it was ``planned``.

Anonymous said...

Hate to be a bummer, but why is Joni still single (I've adored her as well, deep connection). I listen and feel so there, and I go, But she's alone!

Anonymous said...

...Elizabeth Spring, are you still alive and/or replying to readers' comments? If so, I'd love to leave comments...

Anonymous said...'d have to look at Joni's ENTIRE birth chart as a WHOLE, taking into consideration ALL of her planetary aspects/signs/houses, etc., to get a very informative outlook regarding WHY she is still "single & alone", not by focusing on ONLY the Nodes =-)