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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Karmic Family Inheritance

This is a video of a part of Chapter 2, "The Family Karmic Inheritance" in my book: "North Node Astrology; Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose." This chapter explores astrological synastry within families--that is, how your parents and grandparents have passed down to you a karmic legacy or karmic history that is a part of your psyche which can be felt unconsciously and observed on your birth chart. These inheritances are both positive at times (like a gift for music or negative, like a tendency for anger or depression.) When looking at a chart it's sometimes evident that you have a stronger maternal or paternal legacy which is like having stronger genes from that side of your family...but in the psycho-spiritual world it's about there being some unfinished business of theirs that still resides within your psyche and which lies just below the surface of consciousness. The unfinished business can be seen in the South Node of the chart as well as planetary placements in the 12th house, as well as strong aspects between planets. These legacies can influence your actions and your moods, and reflection on what has been handed down to you can lead to a psychological release and clearing through deeper understanding, forgiveness, and true understanding.