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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

South Node Ninth House, Sagittarius, North Node Third House, Gemini

South Node Ninth House, Sagittarius, North Node Third House, Gemini

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open. Don’t go back to sleep.” Rumi

This saying by the Persian poet, Rumi, speaks to us on many levels. “You must ask for what you really want” reminds us that spiritual etiquette requires us to ask God/Universe for intervention when needed. Intention made in prayer or ritual holds more weight than thoughts and wishes spoken to a friend over coffee. And it also speaks to the communicative power that is latent in the 3rd/9th house nodal axis.

If your South Node is in the 9th house you may be familiar with “the doorsill where the two worlds touch” if not consciously, then in the deep recesses of your psyche. Having a Ninth house South Node implies that you sought after Truth in the past—either in former lives or this one—and told yourself a self-convincing story of how it all is. You may have been a mystic or religious leader, and “right” in your own way, but you caught the view from the mountain-top, and didn’t understand the view from the valley or marketplace.

So you are cautioned not to go back to sleep, (or into another state of consciousness). You do this by relaxing your ideas about freedom, aloneness and purity of thought, and give up needing to know all the answers. What you need now is to open up to new information and insights gained as you see the multiplicity of life and “truths” as revealed to you in the messiness of life in the “marketplace” or within family life, not the mountaintop.

You may have spent former lives in a religious organization or simply as one who distanced themselves from the clutter and clatter of human relationships. Now you can bring the innate spiritual wisdom you brought over from previous lives and use it in teaching, writing, speaking and communicating to others without prejudgment or aloofness. You are ready to listen and hear the paradoxes of life now, and your curiosity, tact, and ability to convey deep truths with compassion and fresh insight is a profound gift you have to share. Use it wisely; don’t go back to sleep.

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Randall said...

I just wanted to say thank you.

I always feel a strong sense of gentleness and genuine open-heartedness in your writing.

All of your posts are that way.

For me, at least, this is the best way to reach an understanding of what astrology is capable of doing for a life.

So, thank you for keeping the writing accessible, and subtly deep at the same time.


elizabeth spring said...

Thanks Randall....I certainly appreciate your readership, and glad you're getting something out of all this. This language of the Soul is forever fascinating, and I really love sharing it.....~fondly, elizabeth

Jane said...

Thank you Elizabeth for your information on the nodes, I have learnt a lot from you. I have been waiting for this one as gives me insight to my daughter's chart. She has NN 18 Aquarius (3rd) SN 18 Leo (9th) The NN trines her moon in Gemini 21 (6th) and sextiles Sun 20 Sag (12th) which may be helpful but I am not sure how to interpret the square from her nodes to Pluto 16 Scorpio (11th)? At the moment her progressed moon in right on the NN which I feel may be significant. Any insights on this would be appreciated. Thank you
PS Her DOB 13 Dec 1989 Wellington New Zealand @ 6.40 am but is currently living in London.

elizabeth spring said...

Hi Jane~
There's no way I can respond with any depth in this little commentary---I would love to do her chart someday if she is ever interested (birthday gift?) as she's got a strong chart, and it could be helpful I believe. Generally, her Pluto square in the 11th feels like a suggestion that she needs to bring a thorougness,depth and intensity into her thinking about her hopes/plans for her future, and perhaps to choose her friends carefully...11th house has to do with choosing who is "our tribe" our community and our way of reaching out to the world. She could benefit I think from learning to be savvy with computers as Aquarius rules the internet, and Gemini loves communication and languages of all kinds (including astrology!). So there's a need to focus, go deep, and hone in--rather than to be too scattered. Feels very insufficient, but if you want a reading, I do readings in other countries frequently, and can use Skype as well....or the emailing process.......blessings~elizabeth

Dharmaruci said...

Thanks for that one. I've got that 3rd/9th axis, and your analysis works for me. It's funny with your own chart, I could have probably worked it out, but you don't think to look!

Jane said...

Thanks Elizabeth. This is still helpful information. Her NN is 18 degrees Aquarius in the 3rd and with the transiting NN,lunar eclipse and progressed moon all there I hope she will be getting some good ideas as to her life direction. Thanks again

Debra said...

Thanks so much for the clarity. I have north node in the ninth conjunct sun, square jupiter, sextile chiron, trine pluto uranus and semisextile venus. My nodal axis is intercepted by Sag/Gemini. The rule 4 houses. I feel the uniqueness of all this for no other reason than in 45 years,and many consultaions, no one seems to be able to tell me what this is about. Intuitively, because I'm a Capricorn this suggests leadership. I'm always ahead of my time and out of place. Any insight? My chart info is December 28, 1963 1:18pm Gassaway West Virginia. Thank-you for your gifts. Debra

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Amit said...

According to Indian astrology my north node is 3rd house (libra) and according to western it's 2nd house(libra)?

How can I know which one is correct?

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Unknown said...

This hits me right in my feelings. I have my south node in my 9th house with a 4 degree orb to Venus.