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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Planets conjunct the Nodes

What about planets aspecting the Nodes by conjunction, trine or opposition? Attempting to understand the basics of the Nodal story is an act of imagination, and it lends itself to error if taken too literally. We are looking for emotional truth here, not literal facts. So when we look at what are the rulers and the aspects to the Nodes I think any extrapolations need to be “seconded” by the rest of the chart.

It’s key to remind yourself too that when you are looking at planets aspecting the South Node you are looking into your prior life nature. Planets that are closely conjunct the South Node are like a planet conjunct the Sun, except we are talking about in a prior life. This planet is a good description of how you were in a former life, if you chose to believe in reincarnation. The bizarre thing here is that past life aspects and situations tend to repeat themselves in this life until we bring consciousness to these patterns, and accept or reject parts of them. That’s why we can often interchange “past life” with “early childhood and young adult life.”

A planet conjunct the North Node is that North Node Medicine I’ve talked about before—there’s something about what this planet embodies that you need to bring into your life more. It operates in as a compensatory function, and it is this way because the theory postulates that you were in opposition to this planetary energy in a former life. It opposed you as a person, or a “the brick wall of reality” that you couldn’t get around. Now you can use it.

For example if you have Venus in Cancer conjuncting your North Node, you’ll know that something about the nurturing nature of love in relationship is good for you now, and is what you didn’t quite get right in a former life or earlier in this one. Then, you check on which house it’s in to tell another piece of the story.

In looking at the planets aspecting the Nodes, this is where you don’t need a cookbook answer. Just treat it for what the planet and aspect means—ie if a planet is conjuncting, or opposing, or making a trine to your Nodes, think of it “classically” the same way as you would a planet doing that to your Sun. It simply is amplifying and describing more of what that Node is about—except that because we are looking at Nodal information, the important point is the aspects to the South Node hint of your past life patterns. You probably lived that planet out quite thoroughly in a former life.

A planet tightly aspecting your South Node describes you in a former life, and like looking through a piece of stained glass, it also colors your current life today. Read it for what it is! Moon conjunct the South Node? Put the puzzle together: Moon: mother, mothering, feelings, reactivity. What sign is it in? You have Moon in Sagittarius? Is Sag concerned with the balance of freedom and issues of communication? Is it expansive and over-bearing at times in its enthusiasm? Is this Moon/South Node in the house of close committed friendships and marriage, or is it in the house of career? Where then might you be acting out these South Node tendencies?

This kind of Nodal expansiveness in a reading stretches the imagination to play out a few variations on a theme—why not? You never know what you might find. (c) Elizabeth Spring
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Anonymous said...

I currently have Chiron conjunct my NN in Aquarius -1st house. Along with the Uranus/Saturn opposition, T-squaring my MC...I have had quite the "workshop" lately! :):) But then, with a natal Chiron conjunct Sun sign, I have had a fair amount of experience. Ready to evolve! Any advice?

elizabeth spring said...

Ready to evolve--yes! With all that evolutionary pressure on you to make good changes, especially in your work/career/"hat" you wear in the world, that's got to be both exciting and anxiety making. And balancing the urge to change with the urge to hold the tension of the opposites till things are clear in the relationship department must be interesting! But transmuting all that hasn't been healed, as Chiron did, and giving your gift to the world, Aquarian NNode style...has got to be personally inspiring. Go for it! ~elizabeth

Michelle said...

What kind of orb do you use for Node conjunctions? I can't seem to find an answer for this question! I have my North Node at 12 Scorpio 45' and Uranus at 5 Scorpio 48', with Vesta at 8 Taurus 07'. Is Uranus conjunct my NN and Vesta conjunct my SN?

Thank you!


elizabeth spring said...

Yes, I'd say they were conjunct--a wide conjunction for sure, but like all influences there's a range of influence. I don't think one needs to have a black/white rule to determine a friend who's close but not that close; you're influenced, but it doesn't effect you the way your sister or mother might. And, if you feel those conjunctions, go for their highest expression! ~elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I have Pluto conjunct the North Node in Libra, 7th house. I don't think of myself as power-hungry, but I have started to explore the issue of power via philosophy/academics. What does this conjunction mean? Pluto is also conjunct Pallas (which is in the 6th house). Thanks a mill in advance.

jeromine said...

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L. Star said...

Hello. Thank you for sharing your invaluable insights on astrology.

I've been cogitating on this following aspect in my natal chart with little progress: The North Node is conjunct my Vertex and Eros in 8th house Cancer. (less than 2 degree orb)

From bits of info I gathered online, this conjunction is supposed to be a very influential, if not overriding aspect in my chart... denoting types of people I meet and events I would attract. I'm confused in interpreting Eros in the conjunction as I'm not sexually promiscuous or involved in the sex industry, or any type of erotic arts.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

Hi Elizabeth

I have my Natal North Node in the same degree as my Natal Moon, which is in Aquarius in the 3rd House.
This is the one placement in my chart that I've struggled with the most to understand.. does it mean that I'll have to distance myself from my nurturing side; turn my nurturing side to humanity like in a humanitarian way? There are so many possibilities in my mind really that I can only ask for help from someone with more wisdom. Thanks =)

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lucy snow said...

I have natal venus conjunct natal north node, both in 10th house. What does it mean if it is natal and ot transiting?

magneticpussii said...

I also have the NN conjunct Pluto and Ceres in my 5th house. All 3 are trine Mars and Sextile my Sun/Saturn conjunction. (Saturn rules my 8th house) The Sun rules my 3rd and 4th houses. Pluto Rules my 6th house. The way I experience my conjunction and its aspects are through major MAJOR upheavels and losses of all kinds. I have had many loved ones die back to back and unexpectedly. Each death dredged up dark compulsions in me.My children are extremely challenging. I have had many shocking and grand financial losses suddenly. I have had major issues with co workers deliberately trying to oust me in powerplays. I have had major illness scares and recoveries. Pluto conj Ceres North Node has been felt very intensely by me.

magneticpussii said...

Are you an Artist and thriving as such? What sign is this conjunction in and what other aspects does it make? I have a Pluto North Node Conjunction in Libra and I am an artist though not making a lot of money from my art.

Anonymous said...

I have pluto rahu conjunction in the ascendant 1st house in Libra...I am an artist by nature but because of family life kinda gave it up but recently I have strong desire to go back to it..what else can I expect from this conjunction ?

Anonymous said...

Also have NN conjunct Pluto. Mine is in 12th house. Am very interested in getting to understand where my focus should lie (i.e the SN or the NN) given Pluto's presence and conjunction. This seems to be a paradox...and I can't find a definitive answer anywhere. Side note: it is a challenging position as discussed by others above.

Priscilla Fisch said...

I have Neptune exactly conjunct my North Node at 14 degrees Capricorn.

I also have my Lilith and Juno at 18 degrees Capricorn, which I don't know if they would be conjunct my north Node too, not sure how big the orb is supposed to be for the nodes. But it's within 4 degrees. My Uranus is also conjunct Neptune at 9 degrees Capricorn, would that make it also conjunct the North Node since Neptune is right on top of my north Node.

Anyway, not sure what those planets would mean in relation to my North Node.

darkktur said...

I have venus conjunct south node in leo in the 12th. I have a hard time figuring out the 12th house energy, i also have mars conjunct pluto here. my moon also makes an out of sign south node conjunction. Much family dysfunction, bad romance, dissatisfaction in general. I feel I am fullfilling my north node in aquarius in 6th house as a doctor staffing a free clinic, but while it has saved me from the family curse,suicide, it hasnt saved me from feeling that "love's for everyone who isn't me". I hear you ,Chris Cornell, and