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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prescription for Healing: Use Your North Node Sign and Ruling Planet!

The North Node is what our Soul aspires to, and is good compensatory medicine for whatever ails us. And yet, like a good vitamin, we need to remember to “take it!” Look at the sign of your North Node—i.e. is it in Libra? Ponder what Libra represents. Then look up what planet rules Libra, which is Venus, and give yourself a good dose of whatever Venusian things you can imagine—invite a few friends for dinner, paint your bedroom a beautiful rich color, buy flowers and bring into your life more beauty, love, and harmony and connection. your North Node in Gemini or Virgo? Then your ruling planet is Mercury. Prescription: Communicate! Follow your curiosities; and be a trickster at times. (Hermes, the mythological Mercury was a good trickster...)

Sometimes astrology can get very confusing with signs, houses, planets, and aspects, but when we “honor the gods”—these planetary archetypal energies, then we give them a chance to act magically and synchronistically. Astrologers look to the transits and progressions to see, in a sense, which archetypal voice within us needs attention at any given moment. But if you don't follow your transits regularly, just look at the largest and most penetrating pattern in the zodiac—the Nodes. The Nodes are like the arrow shooting through the astrolable in the photo above--they speak to us of our life direction and soul purpose. They point the way like a compass, and tell us what is good medicine for our Soul.

To take it a little farther, after you see the sign and ruling planet of your North Node, look at where it is in your chart. What house does it occupy? This tells you something about where in your life attention and energy needs to be paid. And then look at the South Node—its sign, its house, and planetary ruler. Follow the threads—especially when you see overlapping patterns. Even though the South Node holds more of the past, it also holds “the gold” in our past, and using the positive higher octaves of the sign and ruling planet is also good medicine that will often yield surprising good results. We are gifted by our past, karmically, and we sometimes forget that! We know in our bones how to use these South Node energies, so allow this into your life as well. But use South Node energies wisely.

The Nodes are an axis, bringing us direction and soulful purpose. They work as a team, and by accessing the highest expression of each we bring ourselves healing, and a sense of purpose into our lives. Try it! Let me know if it works for you……
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