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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Saturn Transits, Donna Cunningham's North Node Astrology Review

Author and astrologer, Donna Cunningham writes: “A couple of years back, I happened onto a blog created by astrologer and Jungian therapist, Elizabeth Spring. I was so taken by her wise, insightful, and heartfelt writing that I sent her a fan letter and have followed the evolution of her work since. She has recently published an excellent book, North Node Astrology: Rediscovering your Life Direction and Soul Purpose. It’s clear and readable for students at any level of astrology. The following is an excerpt, reprinted here with her permission.”

It has often been said that under strong Saturn transits one can choose between exhaustion and depression—some choice! It implies that because Saturn is often about doing hard work in the real world that exhaustion is the better choice— indicating as Mark Twain once said: “It is better to wear out than to rust out.” It doesn’t need to be so tiring. So what are the tools needed to successfully navigate Saturnian waters? Here are a few ideas:

1-Be Discerning. You are at a time now when you understand things you didn’t understand even last year. Use your new wisdom to make wise choices based on clarity of intention. Dream into your future and discern the path through the woods. Here is where the quotes: “Know thyself” and “Nothing in Excess” become relevant. At these times there is a necessity to pull back from the excesses of your younger years and to know what you can and cannot do.

2-Take Heart. Find ways to reach out to others and be humble enough to ask for advice. If your marriage is in trouble, ask yourself the questions: Is the relationship the true source of dissatisfaction, or is it the repository of my own misery? How much am I projecting my insecurities onto my partner, and not taking responsibility or even listening ‘with heart’?

3-Go Deeper. Superficial “all or nothing” solutions can be a quick fix and Saturn doesn’t like quick fixes. No quick decisions: instead, hold the tension of the opposites and conflicts within yourself till you see the emergence of a new idea. Then, and only then, is it time to stretch beyond your comfort zones to new places of thought and action. As was said so many years ago:
“Dig deep; the water–goodness–is down there. And as long as you keep digging it will keep bubbling up.” Marcus Antoninis

4-Take Action. Saturn ultimately rewards those that act and depresses those who procrastinate. In ancient texts, Saturn was sometimes seen as a devil who made a hand signal that said: “All that you see, is all there is.” That’s the devil’s lie. Prove him wrong.

(Ironically, springtime itself is somewhat Saturnian, in that we must wait for the warmth and "action" of May and the waiting we are tested to hold our faith of renewal and rebirth. We too are like the seeds in the packet; waiting to be planted and nurtured. And in time, we must do all these things--taking action, and digging deep, discerning weeds from emerging flowers...all things coming in their time....) ~elizabeth spring