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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Using Neptune Homeopathically"

Dear "Mountain Astrologer"
I found Elizabeth Spring's article, "Using Neptune Homeopathically," to be one of the most helpful articles I've ever read. Neptune's transits can be so hard to work through, and since I've had transiting Neptune conjunct my natal Moon/Ceres conjunction squaring my Sun/Mercury for some time now, you can imagine how quickly I latched onto this article!
What I found so helpful was Spring's practical advice. She suggests firm, tangible actions to address feelings and the negative tendencies that emerge during difficult Neptune transits. The only other person I've found who is able to give such practical and useful advice is Donna Cunningham, particularly in her book, "Astrology and Spiritual Development." With these two in my corner, I feel much more able to use this Neptune transit for my betterment rather than my detriment.
Please keep including articles such as these that give advice that is easier to apply, advice with a new twist. They keep me addicted to "The Mountain Astrologer"....a good addiction, I must say!
Anne Pauline Stanwood,

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  1. where ever that road is...that is where I want to be. Beautiful work, thank you Elizabeth.


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