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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturn in Libra, with Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius!


If I were to imagine one word to sum up the work of Saturn in Libra I might say: "Priorities." And perhaps it's prioritizing the relative importance and feelings in all " one on one relationships" in our life that Saturn in Libra speaks to... and so I try....

I try to prioritize and make an effort. For the last 2 months it's been a high priority for me to get to NYC to see Jung's Red Book and to reconnect with old friends there, and twice(!) I've been laid low by sickness that has kept me away.

I sadly gave up on that priority until a few days ago. And then the synchronistic happening occurred that could be seen as part of the "signature" of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius--because I let go of my efforting and the need to have something occur the way I wanted it to occur, the Universe arranged--serendipitously (?) through friends (Aquarius) that I should still get my hearts delight to see the Jung exhibit, and so I will be going there, all plans arranged, with little effort on my part.

The point? It's simply to remember the grace of what we used to call "leaving room for the Holy Spirit" which to me is often seen dressed in Uranian fashion with a touch of Jupiter and Neptune. So, we do the intention, we make the effort, we prioritize...all Saturn. And then Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius say...."leave a little room for us, leave a moment for us to do our won't come as you expect." And that's a very sweet thing indeed.

Elizabeth Spring