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Friday, January 15, 2010

Mountain Astrologer Book Review: "North Node Astrology"

"Mountain Astrologer" Magazine
Book Review, Feb/March, 2010
Mary Plumb

"Elizabeth Spring is a graceful writer. Her counseling voice is evident as she gently guides readers into a deeper inquiry into themselves. The book was completed from the vantage point of Spring's second Saturn Return. She writes: "My sense is that the call to reconnect with a guiding vision, or deep wellspring grows more subtly intense as we age." Her book is a sweet companion to that endeavor.

Her book: "North Node Astrology" may be of particular use for therapists who are curious about astrology, since Spring has a relaxed way of drawing readers into the magic of astrology. She writes: "Good astrology seeks to confirm, to comfort, and to subtly this book, you are the astrologer and the client. You are the mystery and the problem to be explored."

More in this month's issue, Mountain Astrologer. Thank you, Mary!