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Friday, November 30, 2018

Astrology for the Third Act of Life


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By combining astrology, Jungian psychology and personal memoir, Elizabeth shows how the "third act of life" gives us a chance to awaken to a joyful connection with the deep Self. By understanding the specific challenges and opportunities of each astrological life transit from age 40 on, we have a practical road map for our journey.

This book will motivate and inspire, helping you to use your insights for better choice-making and helping you to draw the threads of your life into a meaningful tapestry. Previous Knowledge of astrology not necessary; just a willingness to learn something new, as you grow into your wise years with an attitude you'll love!

The book starts at the age of 41 explaining the significance of that age, known as the Uranus Opposition, and then moves to the Chiron Return at age 51, the Saturn Return at age 59, the Uranus Square at age 63, the Saturn Square Saturn at age 66, the Saturn Opposition at age 73, the last Nodal return at age 76.....all the way up to the Third Saturn Return at age 88.

"For me the spiritual journey, marked by the wisdom of astrological insight, allows for re-enchantment in our lives." Elizabeth Spring