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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

North Node Cancer

North Node Cancer, South Node Capricorn

When you work a long day, its good to come home and rest, and when you feel the need for help, its good to feel comfortable enough to ask for it. But for you, there can be a resistance to these very natural things. Somewhere in your past, either earlier in this life or in a previous one, you've worked hard pursuing your goals and doing what needed to be done. You’ve come into this life with an attitude that knows how to survive by being practical and by adapting to the harsh realities of life and making a living. (Some of you have even allowed an almost pathological sense of caution or reserve to develop in response to having to keep a stiff upper lip.) Now it’s time to soften, relax, and heal from being in a competitive and sometimes pressured environment.

Now it's time to shift focus from “them to you”, and to take the emphasis off the goal and onto the process of life unfolding. How do you feel about what's happening? That's the question to consider. Part of your soul purpose is to heal from the limitations of your past, so there’s a necessity at times, to cry a few tears…to simply feel. It’s not giving into self—pity though, and you won’t linger long in that place, for the balanced attitude of your Capricorn/Cancer axis is one that innately knows how to hold the tension of the opposites.

After your first Saturn return around the age of 29 the emphasis will turn even more towards nurturing yourself, your family, and your friends. Home, heart, and hearth become a priority. There's a desire to feel secure and at home with those you love. You may want to feel a kind of “heart security” you may never have experienced before. In the past you may have had times when you’ve had to shut yourself down emotionally, and now you realize you've missed something in the focusing on the goal rather than the process. Some of the sweetness and joy of life won't happen if you're focused on goals and ambition rather than taking the time to tend to your inner life.

Cancer North Nodes are nurtured by being by the ocean (or any bodies of water) by delving into their family history, and by honoring the good part of traditions. The family karmic inheritance is usually strong, and it would be good for you to sift through the positive and negative inheritance you've received and to see what part of it you may be unaware of. Cancer, being ruled by the moon, fluctuates in its moods and has a wild and loony side as well. No other sign can be so content cleaning out its closets one moment and dancing on the beach by the light of the moon later the same day. With your North Node here you’ll want to honor this intuitive and lunar side of yourself because it’s the fertile soil of your Soul. Take time to slow down and feel whatever comes up for you, and when you feel you’ve outgrown your current life, dare to let go of the past and open a new chapter of your life. Cancers, like the crab, periodically outgrow their shells and need to bravely release their fears and defenses to bring new dreams into reality. The pull of continued growth and evolution through regeneration and resurrection is strong in this Cancer/Capricorn axis.

Soul Purpose: In this life it’s important for you to heal from duty and necessity—you may need to cry a few tears to unblock your emotions and express your true feelings. You may also want to make it a priority to give and receive love, and to watch what happens when you tend to the process of life rather than the goal. Dare to risk new beginnings that lead to metaphorical death, re-birth and resurrection, taking calculated risks. Use your sense of humor to repair, entertain, and mend bridges between family and friends.

Shadow: Honoring of the demands of “sheer practicality” can be an excuse to not be in touch with your feelings of sorrow or joy. By not allowing the feminine and “lunar or looney” side of your personality out, it can make you appear to be a bit of a glum “Eeyore” at times. Another defense mechanism you might be tempted to use could simply be an appearance of pride—the kind of “hubris than cometh before a fall.”


English blues rock guitarist, singer/songwriter Eric Clapton has these Cancer/Capricorn Nodes. Often viewed today by critics as the greatest guitarist of all time, his music—and life—has always been grounded in the blues. When Eric was 9 years old he discovered that he and his brother had been deserted by his real parents, and that they’d been raised by his grandparents. When his brother died unexpectedly, Clapton became, in his own words, “a lonely and nasty kid.” (Maybe just an Eeyore?) He tried playing the guitar but found it so difficult to learn that he almost gave up, but the connection to his emotions through the “blues” pulled him through and kept him at it. So instead of shutting down his feelings or being out of touch with them, as South Node Capricorns can do at times, he reached for them—through ‘the blues.” One of his more famous songs in his later life was called: “Tears in Heaven,” that came out of the unexpected tragic death of his son.

Before this, at one point in mid-life, Clapton let his emotions slip into serious drug abuse, but with help he was able to get clean and later opened a drug rehabilitation clinic which he still financially supports. Clapton has mixed the professional Saturnian hard working nature of Capricorn with his fluctuating emotional life to make a powerful impact in the world of music. He uses his music to connect deeply with the promptings of his heart, and in healing himself, he heals all of us.
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  1. Thanks for that very illuminating post; I have North Node in the Fourth House, so I felt your analysis was pertinent to me, too.

    Any chance you might post on the North Node in Sagittarius anytime soon? I confess, I have NN in Sag in the FH and am always looking to add to my understanding of what that might mean in terms of higher calling.

    With appreciation.

  2. Yes! It's coming today or tomorrow....thanks for checking in and hope it continues to be helpful for you.......~elizabeth

  3. Hello Elizabeth, I have a question regarding synastry. Is this of any significance: My North Node, cancer, is in the 8th house, ruled by scorpio, and my fiance's ascendant is scorpio. His north node is leo in the 9th house, ruled by sagg, and my ascendant is sagg....weird coincidence or something substantial?

  4. Great, the exmaple with Clepton is really inspiring ... my north node in in Cancer - 6th house ... but the moon - is in conjunction with the South Node, so I found very hard working on my north node ... Thanks once more for the great information ...

  5. Great article, I completely agree. I think more people need to be more open minded to eastern philosophies... I only subscribed to the western ideologies of "science," and "reason" until i was diagnosed with lymphoma. after the breast cancer surgery i started looking into the causes of cancer, and surprisingly found little help until i looked into eastern philosophy. i believe there's some questions that our conventional understanding of the world can't answer, and the sooner we open our minds to other ideas, the better.

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