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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moon's Node Reversal

At the time when the moon’s nodes are reversed, issues around life direction and soul purpose are up for examination and decision-making. It’s a time that holds great potential for crisis and transformation, and no matter what we do externally, on an inner level, we’ll want to balance the opposing tendencies within ourselves.

The transiting Nodes take a little over 18 years to make a full circuit around your chart. After 9 years they are at the opposite points from birth, so at the opposition point of 180 degrees your Natal North Node is conjuncted by your transiting South Node, and your Natal South Node is conjuncted by your transiting North Node. The opposites come together and this moment has the potential for a time of illumination—like a full moon.

I see this time primarily as one is which we are called to activate the highest potential or “octave” of both our North and South Nodes. It’s a time to release the negative qualities of each sign, and to manifest the highest qualities, or at least to truly see what these qualities are.

It’s also a time to reach for the “gold” in the shadow of the South Node. Carl Jung talked about this—he said that even in our repressed unconscious dark “shadow” self, we hold goodness and un-manifested potential there as well, similar to how the yin/yang symbol holds the germ of its opposite within each side.

As we access the highest octaves of both the North and South Node signs we release the negative qualities in each and reach for the gold in the shadow of the lower manifestations. It feels like this reversal is saying to us: "look at what's good here, take it, and release the rest.” Like all oppositions, it holds within itself a chance for an epiphany, a new depth of self-knowledge, and an illumination of where our Soul yearns to go towards. It illuminates what also needs to be released and surrendered.

Let’s look at an example. Say a man has North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius. He can choose to activate the gold in Aquarius South Node---which could be to courageously manifest a humanitarian project or a great life-work despite South Node Aquarius tendencies to think of himself as a genius exile who is both above and alienated from the rest of society. He could release me vs them thinking, and operate more from the level of the heart than the intellect. He could release being “eccentrically special” and simply be a conduit for the insights that want to come through him. And by acknowledging that his Soul longs to be a leader and a transformer of society, he chooses therefore to generously give of his heart, without fear and self-consciousness. His ego is diminished in light of the nobility of his work; his project, his life work.

These insights and awareness can come at anytime, but there are times in our lives—and the Nodes often point to these times—when self-awareness and the cosmic green light of the Heavens urge us to ‘move on’ like a loving mother. These are the times of openings in the curtain of fate, and the time to walk through old illusions and delusions. These are the times when we can see clearly, and when we are given renewed courage because we can now “take heart” because our unique life path opens before us.

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Anyone else have research or insight about Node reversal?