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Monday, February 4, 2008

Scorpio North Node, Taurus South Node

Scorpio North Node, South Node Taurus

The passionate Scorpio nature feels its way through life, sensing undercurrents and daring to look deeply to find the emotional bottom line. In order to move towards the heights of your Scorpio North Node you need to relax your concerns around money, security, and possessions as well as being willing to risk losing your current level of comfort to gain a higher state of power and vitality.

Can you leave behind tendencies to possessiveness and attachment and open up to the excitement of change? Will you dare to look deeply and bravely into the underworld, into 'the other side of the question' and into the places where the deepest level of truth resides? Superficial “people pleasing” is not for you. You are meant to look into the eyes of the murderer and find the frightened unloved child there. You are meant to know the whole story, and to travel the roads many of us declare unsafe.

The eagle, the phoenix, and the scorpion are the symbols of Scorpio, and like the eagle you were meant to fly high and be powerful, and like the phoenix, you are meant to risk dying and being reborn, knowing you are a survivor. As you dare to delve into the mysteries of life, you come up with deep treasure.

The third symbol of the scorpion hints at the shadow side of this sign which can see all aspects of truth, including that which is not always full of light and joy. The wisdom of the Scorpio nature evolves because it has dared to explore the dark, the taboo, the unspoken, and then takes this ability to see and embrace the dark and transform it. It's a high calling and that's why North Node Scorpios are often the best doctors, healers, investigators, and friends to have in times of crisis.

Scorpios are the truth-tellers of the zodiac. In the old storybook tale it was probably a Scorpio who told the emperor he had no clothes on. Because you are good at delving into the minds of others, you can be intense, yet your Soul yearns to deeply relate to others and benefits by working in partnership. Let yourself explore and experience what sex, money, God, and politics can teach you. Go where others have not, and let yourself experience it all. Be brave, for like the cat with many lives, you too have many lives to live.

When you come to a turning point in the Scorpio-Taurus path you're ready to retrieve the gold in the shadow of your Taurus South Node. You can now relax into enjoying the fruit of your passions. For example, turn the grist from the mill of your life into something creative and pleasing. Have you ever tried singing or songwriting? (Taurus rules the throat and singing.) Or writing a mystery novel or screenplay? Own your experiences by creatively giving birth to something that is uniquely you.

Soul Purpose: Integrating your instinctual goodness and vulnerability with a willingness to do the hard and often conflictual work of making both relationships and career “work” for you. You have to go deeper than you may be comfortable with, and learn to move beyond “goodness” into wholeness. This means having the ability to withdraw negative projections from others, and to see with compassion where you may have control issues, sexual hungers, and feelings that are sometimes less than nice. You are meant to make peace with you own “inner scorpion.” Doing this will give you a power and charisma that will make you successful in whatever areas of life you choose to dwell in.

Shadow: Trying to keep everything safe and predictable. You are called to the edge to look at the complexities of life and the moral ambivalence and paradoxes of life. Not an easy thing to do! Being lazy and going for the creature comforts only puts you back into old habits. Release any addiction to financial security as being the “bottom line.”

Ellen DeGeneres, Emmy Award-winning stand-up comedienne, actress and host for the syndicated “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” has this Nodal combination. Although we can’t know the details of her personal experience in reaching for her phoenix-like Scorpio North Node, we can see her gutsy, hard working, truth telling nature in her public expression. We know that before becoming famous, Ellen worked as a waitress, house painter, bartender, and retail clerk. And we know that she came out publicly as a lesbian in an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

DeGeneres received wide exposure on November 4, 2001, when she hosted the Emmy Awards-TV show. Presented after two cancellations due to network concerns that a ceremony following the September 11, 2001 attacks would appear insensitive, the show required a more somber tone that would also allow viewers to temporarily forget the tragedy. DeGeneres received several standing ovations for her performance that evening which included the line: "We're told to go on living our lives as usual, because to do otherwise is to let the terrorists win, and really, what would upset the Taliban more than a homosexual woman wearing a suit in front of a room full of Jews?"

Ellen became formally married to Portia de Rossi in 2004, and they live together as Vegans with their three dogs and four cats. As a lover of animals, and as a savvy business woman, Ellen faced a dilemma in the 2007 writer’s strike when she crossed the picket line to do her television show. Although Degeneres verbally supported the strike she said that she could not break her contracts or risk her show losing its time slot. As a show of solidarity with the strikers, DeGeneres omitted her monologue during the strike, typically written by WGA writers. However, the Writer’s Guild condemned her, and said that she was "not welcome in NY" saying: “We find it sad that Ellen spent an entire week crying and fighting for a dog that she gave away, yet she couldn't even stand by writers for more than one day – writers who have helped make her extremely successful.”

This Taurus/Scorpio Nodal combination can sometimes put one into situations where we need to be true to ourself and our needs, as well as true to what we believe is correct. Whether we believe she was wrong or right in her decisions, I think Ellen showed courage in her stance of truth telling, both in her coming out in her sexuality/marriage, her humor-filled tactfulness after 9/11, and in her business needs—she is a good example of the complexities of choice and moral ambivalence contained in the Scorpio North Node. (c)~Elizabeth Spring

Neith’s thoughts on the North Node in Scorpio

With a strong Scorpio influence in my chart – the Ascendant with Jupiter, Mars & Mercury in Scorpio – what Elizabeth is saying about the North Node in Scorpio rings true. It is one of the tougher Nodal positions to handle and I have seen few people with this Nodal axis express it well. Most will have moments where they experience the heights and depths inherent in Scorpio but admittedly it is a tough place to live, day in and day out. An astrologer friend of mine with this axis has done the best with this I have seen to date. She has slowly learned to find a balance with pushing herself to the limits, trimming her life style to the bone and yet learning to keep a few creature comforts to relax with.

If I look at the Scorpio/Taurus patterns in my life, I see years of being able to move quickly and easily because my possessions were few. In fact it wasn’t’ until I married at 44 yrs old, I owned anything of substance, i.e., land, vehicles, etc. I still live a very simple, frugal lifestyle with few frills. My computer and high-speed internet service are my main luxuries . . . that and buying books (well, I do have Libra!) Living in a rural area with a large yard and garden satisfy the Taurus need for simplicity and pleasure in being close to the Earth. Is this a key to living with the Taurus South Node? To live close the land while pursuing Scorpio North Node concerns?

Elizabeth describes Scorpio as the “truth tellers of the zodiac” and I very much agree with this too. May be why I learned to keep my thoughts to myself as a child because few want to hear the truth . . . I’m wondering if Scorpio discerns the truth behind the facades and Sagittarius blurts it out! We would love to hear the experiences of others living with this Nodal axis, if you can get past the Scorpio need for privacy and holding what you know close. ::grin::


Jessica said...

Thank you for this series-- it's wonderful.

My NN is at 21 Scorpio and I hardly know where to begin in describing my experience. Like Neith, my Sun was progressed into Scorpio for the first ~30 years and I also have Uranus in Scorpio. With the rest of my planets basically in air signs, I've previously never stopped to identify with my Scorpio experiences.

Here is what I can say: I have always had a strong urge to heal, or shall we say, maybe a quixotic belief that I can heal. I spent my entire life up until now trying to "heal" two very depressed Pisces, my mother and my husband. (Didn't work, but was educational.) I could say I've always been on the hunt for intense experiences, but the truth is they really seem to find me. Is there truth in saying the Scorpio NN drive leans toward drama and trauma? Those elements have certainly been present in my life. I like thinking of it as a need to search for truth. As a child I was very interested in the occult (clairvoyance, all kinds of paranormal activity like spontaneous combustion and psychokinesis and stuff.) I couldn't get enough of the Ouija board. I was fascinated by the strange and dark parts of the Grimm's Fairy Tales, and especially Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote Scorpio stories if I've ever read any. Perhaps Scorpio NN is behind that. In any case, I now have to give thought to what the best expression of this NN might be. Thanks for the discussion.

Anonymous said...

I have NN Scorpio at 28 degrees square natal Pluto with a 2 degree orb, and Scorpio rising! To say I have lived on the other side is very true. I also didn't own anything until much later in life and lived with my dreams, premonitions, visions, mystical experiences and the Silent Voice since the beginning. The other dimension, and Mother Nature, have been the most important realities for me and I have never made small talk with ANYONE. Every conversation includes the nitty gritty, the truth, the reasons, the implication of mortality. Nothing breezy here, except with libra moon and other indications, I do get to express the pathos in creativity...

Devil Mood said...

Another interesting nodal post :)

I have 3 planets in Scorpio so this isn't an alien theme for me. I laughed when you suggested it was a scorpio that told the emperor he had no clothes on.

And Neith, if Scorpio finds the truth and Sagittarius blurts it out (sounds true), I think Libra is still very undecided about which part is true and which isn't ;)

Anonymous said...

I have my NN at 23 Scorpio in the 4th house. I am an entertainer among other things but one of my first ambitions was to be a detective. When I get obsessed with something I dig all the way to China. I love doing research as much as I love performing. However, that darn SN in Taurus in the 10th house keeps me in a "steady" day job (my excuse is I need to pay the mortgage) and to add to the frustration I have no planets in any cardinal signs kicking my butt into action. Most of my chart is in fixed signs with a little mutable.

Besides playing music I read Tarot cards and I do a darn good job because my goal is to help people, not to scare them or to show them how good I am at it. I am going to start taking an astrology class later this month. That should keep my NN occupied while my SN slogs along at that mind-numbing day job.

One thing I wonder about is that 4th house placement. I bought my first condo in 2000, then in '04 I sold it at a profit and bought a house. I have never identified with my family or even country of origin (I have Saturn in my 4th house) but I sure love having a house of my own. I was scared to buy it, but I did it anyway.

elizabeth spring said...

Hi Jessica, Anonymous & devil Moon~ Good to hear from you! Yes, I do think the Scorpio NN can lean towards drama, because as a radical truth teller and communicator you stir things up and press people's buttons. Buttons that often need to be pressed! And Libra does get indecisive at times because she sees the truth in both points of view and struggles with the paradoxical nature of Truth. And let's not forget the gold in the SN of Taurus which would include great peace and enjoyment in all Venus/Taurus things---like owning your own home. Isn't it interesting how every sign resonates so strongly with its polar opposite? And how every sign has a higher and lower expression? And yet I hate to hear myself say "higher and lower" because my Libra Sun says there's something judgmental about that...and who am I to say what is what? Interesting how we attempt to 'read the mind of God' in astrology, and yet it's all wrapped in mystery....what do you think??? And you Neith, fellow Libra? ~elizabeth

Anonymous said...

This is my node configuration. I know that from the outside people think I'm living that detachment very well, but I know on the inside I have a very long way to go after 50 years.

I am wondering if you have any insight on retrograde nodes. If it's covered elsewhere in your sites I would be interested in reading that (my nn is retrograde). Thanks.

elizabeth spring said...

Hi Anonymous~
All nodes are retrograde because they all travel that way in our charts! They are naturally retrograde...naturally perhaps because they are an inner process......~elizabeth

mm said...

Thank you for this, Elizabeth (and Neith). Beautiful. Having North Node in 8th - though not in Scorpio - I resonate very much to what has been written here, particularly Elizabeth's first and third paras.

I will be returning to re-read this I know.

Anonymous said...

I have NN in Libra but it is in the 8th house.

Does this mean that i have a libra NN or a scorpio NN??

Just confused :)
Could you please explain?

elizabeth spring said...

Anonymous~ OK--N.Node in Libra in the 8th house is still a Libra NN, but the area, the place, the environment, in which the your 'North Star' Libra is operating is in that 8th house where transformative, mysterious, sexual, legal, and situations involving others money and values hit home to you. There is a big difference really and too many people and writers have tried to lump the sign and house together to make it "easier" but it's not the way it is! Just have to stretch your imagination a little more to see how you might bring Libra values into 8th house scenarios....really a rather good placement because of the concern for fairness and seeing both sides of an issue.....hope this helps. And later on, I think it would help to talk about transiting nodes....~till then~elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I have my SN in Taurus in my 8th house and my NN Scorpio in my 2nd House.
I also have a natal sun-conjunct pluto in my 1st house (SUN, MARS & PLUTO all in Libra in the 1st as well) and I have my natal URANUS, VENUS, MOON in my 2nd houses

and I find many contradictions with myself...

I do the whole believing in my truth bit by following my artistic ambitions, yet at the cost of little material benefits, - but I do feel my SN Taurus perhaps keeps me logged into a battle by trying to achieve a level of material security within the artists world by never giving up within this creative world....

- with my sun conjunct pluto, I feel this also adds fuel to the fire and the persistent of "never giving up until I have achieved this financial success"...

I also have my saturn in my 11th house, so this i feel adds a need to achieve within my artistic world, that bit more emphasised perhaps??

right now I have saturn transits my 12th house and I feel I am dying and being reborn and being asked to detach myself from my past. Having spent the last 9 years of my life slaving away artistically - I feel my rewards should arrive, though after my first solar return just completing, I am being asked I believe to drop all expectations.

I think a major lesson with all this is perhaps to learn that sometimes the rewards are in the 'doing' of a process and that the buddist mentality of having no expectations is one of great weight. It is also the great paradox of when you give up all expectation from doing that you receive your reward.

Hmmm.... just wanted to add all that.... I'm not an astrologer, but having Scorpio my moon, venus and uranus in scorpio and sun conjunct pluto in the 1st - I do delve into the metaphyscial realms... and just wanted to share my experience...

not sure how accurate my definitions are... so any help here in clarifying some of this stuff would help (moon in 2nd - touch of doubting myself perhaps?) :))

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much elizabeth for your kind help! :)

Anonymous said...

this follows on from the previous posting, its the same blogger again... (btw - apart from the previous anom, I have never posted on here, just to seperate me from any other 'anom') - I have to add that upon further research I read

"If the NN is in the 8th house, and SN in the 2nd, it works much like having the NN in Scorpio and SN in Taurus. However, if NN is in the 2nd and SN is in the 8th, then it’s more like NN in Taurus and SN in Scorpio, except that the signs are the qualities with which we approach the affairs of the houses in question. The signs are our biases; the houses are the arenas of life where we do our sign thang"

I simply had to add this, as it resonates a lot more with me...and helps me to understand things more clearly - esp with 3 of my natal planets in my 2nd....

the learning for me it seems is rather to provide my own security through my sense of well being... so in essence I am working with both aspects of the whole SN/NN 2/8th houses....

This is also of special interest for me within the whole metaphysical realm, as I am learning that it doesnt matter how hard and persistently you work, if your inner self (inner confidence/beliefs) do not believe you are worthy, then this will be represented within the material world...

so in fact it is like dropping the solid base for the unknown, yet learning through the unknown that the solid is build through confidence and ones self...!?!?

so in fact all in all it all fits together in a weird puzzle!!.... like a circle..!!

I just wondered if anyone else with a NN is in the 2nd and SN in the 8th has experienced this strange contradiction?

Anonymous said...

oh!... while i posted this, the previous anom posted again... so when I refer to 'previous post', I mean previous to previous post..!!!

i guess thats the problem with 'anom'... theres more than one :)))

elizabeth spring said...

Hi Anonymous'! Thanks for posting...yes, I like saying that the house is the arena or area of life where the action is happening, and the sign is the qualities. Ah....and I don't feel that I can do a good analysis of a chart, with Nodes, unless I see the whole picture; the whole chart. And that is what I do for a living! I spend hours talking about it with a client, so it just feels overwhelming for me to try to post a detailed response.....
More later~ elizabeth

victoria said...

Hi, Elisabeth,
and thank you for the interesting and inspiring article on Scorpio in North Node!

I also have my SN in Taurus in my 8th house and my NN Scorpio in my 2nd House. I agree with anonymous that: 'the learning for me it seems is rather to provide my own security through my sense of well being'.

But still the contradiction of signs and houses confuses me. So if you could say something to make it clearer to me, I would much appreciate it!:)

Anonymous said...

This is so great to read.
I am a NN in Scorpio, and SN in Taurus, but I'm confused about it, since my NN is also in the 4th house....
So my NN in Scorpio is the one that gives me that yearning for travel, adventure, intensity... For instance, I would love to live in another country, and travel from place to place and so on. But my NN placement in the 4th house tells me otherwise! Tells me that I should find my roots in my own country... So I'm confused here... travel or not travel, live somewhere else, or put more attention at home?

Also, my SN is in Taurus in 10th house.... If somebody could give me some light on this... Thanks

elizabeth spring said...

HI Anonymous! You have a valid question here, and this is where there are no quick answers---this is where the art of a chart reading comes into play...we'd have to look at what's in your 9th house? What does the whole chart look like and yet keeping in mind that the house positions are the weakest thing in the chart....and that the 4th house has to do with HOME in a very broad also has to do with your personal you tell the story of your life. In truth, I believe that you need to have a reading that synthesizes all the parts...including aspects and rulers of the Nodes. ~ elizabeth

Shannon said...

I have a North Node placement in Scorpio as well. (I've been told in the past which house it's in, but I don't recall it at the moment.) My sun is in Pisces, my moon is in Leo, and my rising sign is Sagittarius.

As far as how I think my North Node placement has affected my life? Well... let's just say that drama and upheaval follows me around much to my great dismay. I am definitely a Pisces in the sense that I am very shy and quiet. I don't really like attention or the spotlight, and I definitely go out of my way to avoid any kind of drama, but those things tend to find me anyway whether I like it or not.

I am definitely feeling my South Node in Taurus tendencies as well in that there has never been a time in my life when I wouldn't have been satisfied to just live out a peaceful, humble existence in a little house somewhere as long as I had an opportunity to paint pictures and write stories and poems. However, I haven't been able to make that happen no matter how hard I've tried... and when I start getting close to having what I THINK I want, I still oddly feel like something's not quite complete. When I first heard about the concept of nodes last year, I began to gain some insight as to why.

It seems like every time I'm getting to a point in my life where I ought to be feeling pretty settled and secure, something comes and yanks the rug right out from under me. Among other things, I've become estranged from my family through a set of VERY bizarre circumstances, I've wound being forced to make a number of drastic moves in my lifetime under bizarre circumstances as well, and nothing ever seems to gel for long from a professional standpoint at all. I have to wonder if all Scorpio North people experience "shoves" from the universe to quite this degree and if there's any way I can get things to calm down a bit.

As far as other ways I see Scorpio North manifesting in my life, I definitely have an investigative spirit. I can sit and do research on any subject for literally hours and be having a ball, and recently I've been finding a small amount of success writing articles that require much research. It wasn't even something I realized I was so good at. I also think I have the spirit of a healer. I definitely don't feel like I'm whole unless I'm doing something with my life that I feel betters the world and helps people in at least a SMALL way. I also seem to attract people to me no matter how hard I try to avoid attention or notice, which seems odd because some people can't seem to get noticed if they stand on the table and jump around naked. (I understand this can be a Scorpio thing.)

One of the other commenters mentioned something about whether or not living close to the land can help satisfy at least some of the South Node Taurus cravings. This is odd because I am facing yet another "under weird circumstances" move -- this time from Connecticut to a small town in Montana -- and I will definitely be in a position to get close to the land in this way. (For some reason I've always had a strong fascination with gardening, farming, and ranching. South Node at work, I guess.) In the past, I've always been focused on the idea of making a lot of money so I can BUY the security I crave and trying to gravitate toward big cities instead, but perhaps that's been part of my problem. I wonder if this could be the universe's way of trying to give me a nudge in the right direction, since I seem to not be hearing. It would be interesting to know what other Scorpio North Noders, or people who know better than me on the subject, think about this.

elizabeth spring said...

Hi Shannon~
What an interesting story, and I can tell you are a good writer and researcher just by your post. So...yes, the Universe nudges us and thrashes us at various times, and it's all about our response and the ideals and visions we hold for ourself. I'd be very curious how your Neptune is aspected, as I think we benefit greatly by using the intuitive/visionary/dreaming-into quality of the sign and house placement of Neptune. I'm thinking of writing at least an article on using one's Neptune---so check back to in a week or two. Also look how you can best hold a vision for yourself by understanding Neptune's placement in your chart. Sounds like you are doing some thoughtful self-inquiry....elizabeth spring

Shannon said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. I will definitely keep an eye out for the article on Neptune if you decide to write it. As for how mine is aspected? My Neptune is in my first house, it's in Sagittarius, and I also have the aspect "13 Sextile Neptune - Pluto".

I've been told before that this placing may have caused me a few identity struggles in my life, and I guess that's true up to a point. However, I suppose I've chosen to look at it as an ongoing journey of self-discovery as opposed to an actual "identity crisis".

Anonymous said...

Bless you!

This topic is exactly what I've been looking for, answers and relief. I lost my blueprint, owner's manual, compass, and it would be just like me to sign up for this.

I am NN(22)Scorpio,11th /SN Taurus,5th. Paired with, Asc-Sag, Sun-Lib, Moon-Can, etc. I stay confused.

When I was a child, the loss or removal of material things from our home would send me into inexplicable despair. It's kinda funny now. Had to get over that one (or transfer it to people instead- oops). Wow! Makes sense. Not to mention my stubborn streak. Poor Mom.

Also, I have always had a pronounced affinity towards nature. Every day spent indoors, feels like a waste. I have this image of "the good life", with gardens, a country home, lots of animal helpers, children, painting ...sigh.

But there is a stronger voice urging me on to something much less cozy. Like the passionate demanding, sting of those marked by Scorpio. Only, thanks to benevolence elsewhere in my chart, the only one gettin stuck is usually me.

That is, if others are polite enough to overlook the razor on my tongue. I never know when I have drawn blood. If it's the truth, I sometimes err in assuming it was also obvious.

It is fair to say that I have been obsessed with finding my life's work- since childhood. Mostly it has plagued me. Miss Libra can never decide. Is it important enough, practical enough, or fulfilling enough to please my high standards?

The concept of using Taurean talents, (like the ones my Saturn in Leo has been demanding I use, or else), along with serving the world at large, sounds like an excellent recipe for relief. Or at least a mean to shoot toward.

I have been the phoenix many times out of self-started fires. I am beginning to get the swing of accepting change. I trust that I will survive.

When I was young, I worried that I had not experienced darkness. I knew it was necessary to being a full person. It's my dear friend now. My own travels into the dark night have helped me form genuine compassion for others. I have even had dreams about battling dark forces and sharing the light I saw in them until they transformed!

I find the eagle symbology especially moving. I'm a long, long way off from that stage. But as a role model and birthright, it resonates deeply. I'll have to think on it. (And then get on with it, Ha)

Putting these elements together, makes sense to me. Healing balm, really.

Thank you so much for sharing this!

-Silver (for ID, ref.)

elizabeth spring said...

Hi Silver~
We have reversed Nodes, and also Sun in Libra. I was profoundly moved by your response; you are very articulate and I love the wisdom and "Phoenix out of self-started fires" I can relate to that too. I'm so glad you're bringing so much consciousness to your life, and hope you will continue to bring compassion for yourself and your journey always into the picture. I suspect you have a lot to give. ....fondly, ~elizabeth

Anonymous said...


What a clever find, your website has been! I plan to dig further, with delight. Thank you so much. Your words and keen insight ring true to me. I am most grateful, and honestly floored that you have responded. Yahh!

Compassion for the self is a rather odd challenge for one to have. I need to remind myself of it's importance daily. I am at ease with mystery, often able to peek underneath, or peel away layers to get a better look. But this one has me stumped.

The wheels are turning....better leave it here, or I'll write a book.

Thanks again for your words and all you do!

Jen said...

hi all, great to read ths blog. Iam double Sag. with NN conj.Neptune, sq. Venus, part of fixed grand cross, in 12th. I could really relate to what Neith said re: Scorpio/ Tarus axis. I live in a cabin on a lovely bush block, which my soul and body require as balance for all the other paths I am required to traverse. I was really depressed as a kid as even tho' I lived on a large block, I alwas needed at least 25 acres to cover in a morn!.when living in cities, I have always grown things to get some earthing. I could not live like that now tho'. BTW, it was definitely a SAg, who pointed out the Emperor was in the buff! LOL.I have often worked with needy people, and sometimes this mainly feels like a karmic chore, altho' I have come to realize that I enjoy giving some form of service. i have always been psychic, growing up in an age when it wasn't even recognized and I was forced to try and learn it myself. I have studied tarot now for man years and have had a keen interest in astrology as well. i seemed to be able to materializewhat I need with no problems, but have times n my lie where the rug is pulled out from under my feet, and I literally have to rebuild, and start life over, and I realy feel the phoenix rebirth. my life has been different, tough, lonely at times, but, with a strong Uranus as well, I could only do it my way, and have become much sronger for it. Now I enjoy my company and my path, and feel joy that I know I still have so much more to learn, and to teach as I'm learning it, Jen

shelly said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for this work, and thank you all fellow NN Scorpio folks. Your essay and this blog is proving useful and intriguing, not to mention timely... (found by occult research, of course!)

I never really considered why I am so Very domestic, yet I have never felt the pull to own a place of my own-- or even to fantasize about one, really. One way that I look at this home/security/tranformation/depth dialectic is to see myself a nomad. I put good effort into making a solid, comfy, and very functional 'camp' anywhere I live, but living out of a suitcase for 6 months does not seem to phase me, even at this late phase of my life...

I have NN 3rd House, Scorpio, and SN 9th House, Taurus. (and Pluto, AC, Moon, Mercury, Mars, & Sun !!! in Virgo.... a whole nother story).

BIG recent NN/SN example: My ex-partner's internal dramas kicked me out of the house not 7 months ago. No truth there, no no no. messy messy truth. And though my heart is broken, I also feel a solid OKness: no regrets, it could not have gone any other way, I did what I could.

These writings help me to understand my strong strong pull to understand his depths, to get in there and to shine a light-- despite the danger to all parties. I'm playing with the idea of a Scorpio NN life-path, rather than a broken heart or attachment theory or simple thwarted desire for love and intimacy. Fate brought us together in a big way, and then blew us apart, also with some fireworks. Still standing though, Scorpio phoenix flying close overhead.

p.s.-- hey Shannon in Montana (7.24.08). I now live just outside of Bozeman on a small farm! drop me a line:

elizabeth spring said...

Hi Shelley~
Interesting situation, and you seem to have a great attitude towards it. If later you want to look at his chart in more detail, you might want to have a synastry chart done...I do those charts especially when I hear the word "dangerous" ---or you can look too to see if there are Moon/Pluto aspects that wave red flags.....~elizabeth

shelly said...

Dear Elizabeth--
so taking your advice, I fooled around some with a synastry chart. No Moon/Pluto aspects that I can see (I rate myself a 'dangerous' beginner in astrology...). But I do see alot of Pluto action: his Pluto is right on my Uranus, and his Mars is very near my Pluto. Fire, fire. Is it important that his AC is on my IC, that my MC is on his DC??

Maybe of real note (??)
is that in one type of 'composite' chart (??),
'our' shared NN is Right on my Pluto/AC.

I'm imagining that this speaks more of the strength of my draw into the relationship than of any shared dynamic?

maybe I'm more confused than I was before...
all the best, Shelly.

shelly said...

shelly wrote:
>Maybe of real note (??)
>is that in one type of 'composite' chart (??),
>'our' shared NN is Right on my Pluto/AC.

So of course I just now notice also that our shared Moon is only 3 degrees off of my personal NN (shared moon is 8 degrees Scorpio, my NN is 11 degrees Scorpio...). Another indication of my strong entanglement?

elizabeth spring said...

Hi Shelly~
Well what I see of most importance, that is a red flag of sorts, is that Mars/Pluto conjunction. That usually suggests a struggle between the two of you, and it can be very intense. You can always work to build bridges between you two, but for me, there's too much "fire" here...I'd be afraid of getting burned! Also I find the relationship between the planets, rather than the angles, to be most important. ~elizabeth

shelly said...

Dear Elizabeth--
thank you so much for all of your input. Too much fire, for sure. After I accomplish greater emotional separation, I may be ready for further investigation of 'what the h***' might have happened... The NN info is truly enlightening. yours, Shelly.

astroarcher13 said...

I found this site after realizing that a guy that I am interested in is an aries with a N. Node-Sagittarius, while I am a sagittarius with N. Node-Scorpio.
I have my N. Node in the 4th house of Libra (since I have cancer rising) and that makes S. Node in Taurus in the 11th. The venus ruler of Taurus is in 6th house capricorn and my Scorpio ruler-pluto is also in the 4th house of libra. yeah, it was a weird childhood of constantly moving around. I also have Aquarius moon in the 8th and Saturn in the 2nd house of Leo. Nice grand cross huh?
I am seriously needing a suggestion on how to handle this very SQUARED/ Fixed energy in wanting to change and transform. I want to combine energies with people, but it seems I can see their issues and know it is not going to work out at all before hand. Especially since they tend to be full of potential but no where near pursuing any of it. The piercing scorpio depth into their souls helps when people ask me for advice, but usually I am quiet on the information "i just know" about their drama or issues until they outright ask. That truth is usually too much to hear for most people. Luckily my Cancer rising helps me to be kind and empathetic versus blunt and careless. What I am most concerned about it my career and educational goals. I feel so pulled about and that my interests are too varied. The saturn in leo demands creativity and self pampering but the scorpio node wants to fight the celebration of Taurus when it hears that call to hedonism. UGH. LOL I am glad that your article addressed the dichotomy of the two signs, but I am curious since I have 4th house Scorpio NN, how should I incorporate transformative changes in my life and finally get established now that I have survived my tumultuous Saturn return. I was born 11-26-1976, 8:01 pm, Toledo OHio. Thanks!

elizabeth spring said...

This is a huge would take the 90 minute reading to address it..this is what I do for a living, details are there. I do sessions by phone using a cc for payment and send you the charts afterward. It would take me an hour to set up all your charts and synthsize the info and then that much time to write back.....sorry, I can't do quick and easy; hope you understand. ~ elizabeth PS The new book coming out in March may help you to get a better grasp of it......check back.

Catlady said...


Do NN nodes not stray far from one's sun? I noticed several Libras here, who like me, have NN Scorpio.

My moon is in Virgo and probably I haven't moved far away from my SN Taurus, since I've been stuck in a day career where I've been kicking at the exit door for 30 years. I'd rather do art/ web design and this may the be the year to make the jump, despite the economy. But what a steep jump it would be in these times! I've spent a lifetime saving up materially so I can afford my freedom, and yes, I do realize the irony of that.

A Libra astrologer told me several years ago not to ditch the day job and be, as he put it, "just another web designer." My grandfather, a Gemini, moved west to do dry farming, did everything right, grew a nice crop and started October 1929. Nobody bought the harvest, the bank repo-ed the farm and he died several years later. I've seen Aquarius friends & relatives - those financially courageous souls - do the middle-age break from day jobs and all ended up in financial messes.

So if I leave to pursue my dreams, it'll be quite a leap of faith, since there's no successful role models and lots of advice to just stay put.


Catlady said...

Might also add that I have lots of Sag in my chart - ascendant, Venus and Saturn.

elizabeth spring said...

If it was my chart and I was considering a leap, I would certainly take a long look at the transits and progressions to decide about the timing of the leap. And, btw, the Nodes do stray far from the Sun, so I think it's always good to get a good grasp of them, because it may not be the career itself that needs the huge change, it might be just a tweak of the career and a tweak of attitude adjustment and more freedom...?? Can't write more now, but I'm going to open up the Blog for such discussions as soon as my new book is out in March...hope you'll join in then with your comments!~elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Hello Elizabeth, Thank you for sharing your understandings with us. I'm going to add to this list, which seems to be still growing - perhaps due to these interesting times we live in...

As calculated in the Vedic system-
Aquarius: 1st House - AS and Mars
Taurus: 4th House - Mercury
Gemini: 5th House - Sun, Venus
Leo: 7th House - Pluto conjunct Leo
Virgo: 8th House - Moon
Libra: 9th House - Neptune
Scorpio: 10th House - MC, trueNN, P.Fort, and Saturn
I have lived deeply and bravely, have fearlessly looked into the eyes of murderers - faced the knife at my heart, the gun in my face; have risked all and lost all, delved deep and died often, championed the weak and challenged the strong; have transformed the hate and renewed the love, embraced the ugly and wept with the innocent, and the guilty; have feasted amidst lies deceit and scorn, have seen and heard, tasted and touched, have perceived received conceived and
- regretfully -

have endured to to keep others from falling
have remained after others had turned away

For two incidents I will never forgive myself.

have idealized and despaired
have been stolen from

Scorpio NN?

Elizabeth, I like how you say to retrieve the gold in the shadow of your taurus south node - sounds glorious. Relax into enjoying... I feel I may have recently entered into this capacity, although I have not yet been able to make both relationships and career work for me the way others seem to.

From what I've read, Gemini suns have had some heavy dealings these past 14 years. Perhaps that was compounded by a Scorpio NN.

I've never lived in one place for more than three years--
(have lived round the globe-)
have owned land and had to give it up--

Recently I 'crawled' out of the desert where I experienced life for three years as few humans ever do.

It was on my last day in the desert that a lone cow walked over a hill on an unfrequented path that crossed a wash before forking into the dirt road. She entered onto the packed earth ahead of me and stopped to look back. Not knowing what else to do I started singing, hoping to reassure her I meant no harm. After listening a few moments, she continued on her way at a less hurried pace. TAURUS SN in view?

In this same desert I had had two close encounters with eagles, but on my last day (I did not know that would be my last day), two hawks circled directly overhead closer than ever before. SCORPIO letting go?

A Vedic astrologer once told me I would accomplish two lifetimes in the second half of my life (which I've recently entered)--but really I'm not sure how much more I can take.

My experience with Scorpio NN is that I don't have to seek anything; rather, the HIDDEN pops up, undeterred, like a limb in the dead sea, to trail me like an adoring puppy (thinking positive here) and demanding attention like the same. :)

Perhaps for Scorpio NN-ers, truth can be better perceived as a network of possibilities.

helgaleena made some interesting comments over at South Node Fourth House (Cancer) North Node Tenth House (Capricorn) --

My Western chart shows North Node in 9th (Sag) South Node 3rd(Gem) with 8th House Neptune in (Libra) and 4th House Sun in (Gemini)
That paints quite a different picture. Is it both and all? I love that image by Blake you selected over at your Sagittarius North Node, Gemini South Node page.

Thank you for providing so much information on your blog - and also at your website where I just finished reading about The Family Karmic Inheritance. Fascinating!

Open to the revelatory. - U.

elizabeth spring said... truly have a poetic heartfelt way of describing things...I like the way you are so attuned to your inner/outer world. I'd be happy to hear more of your story if you email me direct rather than here...(and this is for others too as we're filling up our space here!)I also can't write much now as I seem to hav a case of exhaustion from writing, but was glad to hear from you....hope you'll consider the book when it comes out...or just keep in touch....good comments! ~elizabeth

Caroline said...

Hi all
I have north node in scorpio in the fifth house opp south in taurus in the eleventh house. So, as Elizabeth said, the see saw is between security through socially acceptable work, house, lifestyle and 5th house desire to creative self expression.
I feel at present that a balance is needed between the two - to use the qualities developed in past lives (perhaps), of the south node, to use as a foundation to develop those of the north node.
Although the passion seems to lie more strongly in the scorpio/5th house pursuits, so that feels like the 'pull' direction and maybe the south node is the 'push'?
making positive change happen

Anonymous said...

Scorpio NN here in 6th found her gold in Taurus SN and began the gigantic task of building her dream home when she met her new lover who came to help her.
.... He is a Scorpio NN also and a Scorpio Sun, Mercury in 8th H, Mars & Neptune 7th h Scorpio.
..She falls deeply in love and doesn't know how it happened because she swore not to let such a thing occur in her life for there was no room for this kind of deep emotion.
...Soon after many strange things begin to happen around us. Many explosive and disruptive, jealous, back stabbing, deceitful and hurtful things.
...He and I don't know why these people are like this! It's sooo INSANE!
And it seems he is always getting hurt. 3 times bit by poisoness spiders of the necratic family. Pnemonia well as physical injuries and on and on...very wierd!
... Meanwhile our intense love is so strained by all this that I become unkind at times to him until finally he dissappears one day.
This was a year ago. I have heard from him twice via short emails since.
...Turns out..My NN conjuncts his Sun exactly as well it conjuncts his NN in Scorpio. And my 5th house Neptune moving into Scorpio also conjunts his NN.
When he dissapeared and all the crazy, ugly energy left I was all alone with a beautiful 2 story home overlooking the water and the mountains and yet I have cried almost every day for a year now.
I am a very different woman from the person I was before I met him.
With a group already making headway I am now aiming to join and will work towards saving amimals from extinction in Indonesia as well as educating the folks there on the richness of their precious environment.
The beautiful home doesn't seem to be that important any more.


Ali said...

Hi Elizabeth ~
I am still a beginner when it comes to astrology, but I am really interested in it, especially North Nodes and South Nodes right now.
I have my NN in Scorpio 23 degrees 20' the seventh house, with my SN in Taurus (I don't know what degree it is in, but I'm pretty sure its in the twelfth house)
I am a Gemini with a Taurus rising and a Capricorn moon.
Thank you so much for this informative article, it's so true for me!
I want to know how I can change my ways, so I can go towards my Scorpio side instead of sticking to my Taurus. Can you help with this?

Ali said...

This is Ali from before, I meant my NN is in the sixth house, and my SN is in the twelfth house :D, my mistake.

Elizabeth Spring said...

This is a huge question, not a "comment" but a counseling/reading....or perhaps you would really get something out of reading my new book. I think it would help you a lot as you could use it to answer your own questions! ~E

Anonymous said...

Hello there - NN @ 23 Scorpio in the 4th here, Taurus SN in the 10th... Thanks for a great thread - can relate to many of the experiences here. My Venus SN ruler is Stationary Direct in my natal chart (and square my nodal axis), so I am still heavily influenced by my my SN even as I strive to unearth my NN. I am an actor by trade and am drawn to and cast as intense, often traumatized characters ;-) I welcome this for I feel it energizes those darker NN rumblings within me. I have had several traumatic experiences myself (accidents, attacks etc) which some-how I am trying to see the growth potential in for my soul - a painful process to be sure. It seems when studying my life's events, some of my most positive experiences occur when a planet transits my SN! - pleasant I suppose because they are some-how connected to what is familiar and "safe". With my stationary venus (in Leo in the 1st) I feel compelled to a career as an actor, but as ruler of the SN I wonder if this is purely a talent from my past life that I already know how to use, and should be seeking some other fulfillment in this lifetime? I am based in my hometown (haven't moved to Hollywood) close to my roots, and am trying to make a go of the industry here... we'll see. I never became an actor to be famous, I do it because I am genuinely interested in what makes people tick - to be the vessel for the life of another thereby helping others understand people who were previously unknown to them. To act: to truthfully portray the life of another. My own definition of acting seems to resonate with a scorpio NN, and by not desiring fame, I hope I am being true to a 10th house SN, been there, done that I guess. :-)I figure if I can find a way to use all my dark personal experiences in the quest for greater empathy through creative expression as an actor, then I am taking steps to integrate my nodal axis? Thanks again for a great site!

Karen said...

Thank you for this interpretation, it fits me perfectly! I wish I had this information years ago!

Anonymous said...

Image have pluto in scorpio within 1 degree of the north node. Having this combination tugs me, internally, to let go all of my taurean disires.

Tara said...

I've had a particularly challenging time having a North Node in Scorpio, Sun Sign Pisces, Rising Sign Cancer, and Moon in Scorpio, and having a Taurus mother. I feel like I suppressed my urge to dig and tell the truth as I saw it in my youth. Now in my early 30's I have had a few intense experiences in terms of relationships, and have come out on the other end as a kind of wounded healer. It is a difficult place to be sometimes, especially with relation to my mother. It hurts because she seems turned off by all the ups and downs I've had and seems to have pulled away, and yet I yearn to become closer to her and show her all I've learned from the experiences I've had. Any thoughts on North Node in Scorpio with regard to close relationships with Taureans?

myenergyworker said...


I have NN scorpio 9th house, and node return coming up in a year or two. I'm now 37. What is your opinion on what I can expect.

Do you believe node returns have a big influence?


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is so definitely me - the woman who's brazen (or foolish) enough to point to the elephant in the room and actually name it - mainly because I fail to comprehend - with an intense sense of exasperation - how society can actually live with itself while pretending said elephant doesn't exist.

Or a butt 'nekked' King. Take your pick.

It infuriated my parents when I was a kid, and it doesn't win me any friends as an adult, but heck, I figure someone's got to tell it like it is, just in case someone else is counting on it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth, I love your blog : )
Uhm what would an North node in scorpio 10th House would mean?
Would it mean that the values of the scorpio NN would be practiced through public image and fame?if so, I just don't get how could that work together at all ..

matt scholes said...
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matt scholes said...

Hey elizabeth , i hope you're doing well . I have my scorpio north in the 5th house conjunct my vertex , could you please explain how dors a scorpio north node play out on the 5th house and what does it mean to have it conjunct the vertex ?