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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

South Node Fifth House (Leo), North Node Eleventh House (Aquarius)

With the South Node in the Fifth House, the default pattern or the past life pattern of the Soul is concentrated on its own self-expression, risk-taking, and whatever brings it joy---including just plain fun. Nothing wrong with that, except that the Soul now desires to move from the excesses and bad judgment of the past, and toward the North Node in the Eleventh House. This is the area of life that calls us to work with and to connect with other people in finding our true path in order to fulfill our hopes and dreams. We are not a solo agent anymore; we are meant to interact with others in those things that are most important to us. Personal risk taking now gives way to considering what is of greatest good to the whole….and consensus decision-making.

Ask yourself: who is in my community, my “tribe,” my network? Who or what do I care about and how can I connect more with them? The computer is an excellent 11th house tool, so finding one’s tribe and networking with kindred spirits is made easier through using the web. We know longer have the excuse of isolation due to physical restrictions, both geographically and personal. We can find our 11th house soul-friends, and choose to join forces with them to play, to work, and to deeply connect.

A fifth house South Node is related to the sign Leo, and when we read a South Node we read the negative aspect of whatever sign it rules. So here, we can see too much self-preoccupation, narcissism, and great creativity--but the energy is flowing backwards and inward to the self rather than outward to benefit humanity. In the fifth house we find all the children or fruit of our self-expression, and ideally an open and generous heart. However, we are reminded here with this South Node that we need to expand all the forms and “children of our creativity” to encompass a greater world.

The North and South Node represent an axis, and when we have this axis we have both the high and low expressions in each, and we are capable of accessing both. So, although we know that the selfish 5th house patterns need to be released, we also know that there is great gold in this shadow placement as well. The fifth house holds great generosity of spirit and the willingness to risk overflowing this great creative generosity onto others. So as we reach for the more objective group expression of this generosity, in the eleventh house/Aquarian North Node, we also hold onto the wonderful playfulness and fertility of the fifth house South Node. As Jung always said---“Remember there’s gold in the shadow.” Tap into both sides of this nodal placement, and give your gifts to the world.


Faxifaxlee said...

wow, thanks for posting that!
i have north node taurus in the 11th house, and south node scorpio in the 5th house. my moon is also in scorpio in the 5th house, so there is such a great challenge for me to risk getting out of that place because it feels the safest!

james said...

Thank you for this post. I can't begin to tell you how painful it has been to give my all to my art and go nowhere. Deferring to others judgements, asking for help, even finding the right group has been difficult. I basically feel like a failure/burden and can't imagine anyone wanting to be saddled with helping me and/or fear selling out for "favors." With my moon conjunct north node, I would have thought this process would have been easier. Before your post it was hard for me to even understand how building step by step works with group efforts. With sun and saturn in aries impatience is a bugaboo and I encounter my fair share of resistance.

Dreamer said...

Hello!This post was really great, however i still believe that my case is complicated: South Node in Aquarius in 5th (which is Leo's natural house) and North Node in Leo in 11th (which is Aquarius' natural house). I have read somewhere that such cases are called "locked in lunar nodes"! What exactly does that mean?
What i feel is that there is a great connection between my karmic past and my karmic destination! Maybe, i have to relive past or re-work South node! In few words, i feel that South and North node are of same importance, none of them shoud be neglected and a balance should be achieved between 5th and 11th house matters! Am i right? Thank you very much in advance and congratulation for your article :)

PS1: My sun ( which is north node's ruler) is in Gemini in 9th house, my Moon in Capricorn in 4th house, my Uranus (which is south node's ruler) is retrogade in scorpio in 3rd house.

PS2: There are only good aspects towards my Lunar Nodes (S.Node is trined by Sun, Jupiter and Saturn and N.Node receives sextiles by the same planets).

Elizabeth Spring said...

I've never heard the expression you mentioned, but you have the right idea about the Nodes being an axis, and the importance of balancing the best of both the North and South Nodes is truer than I originally thought. And even though we connect them with "past life" influences, they are very much present in this life. I'm working on a new blog which hopefully will turn into a book: and the emotional memory aspect of the Nodes and how they influence our relationships will be the focus. Stay tuned!! Thanks for writing...~E

Anonymous said...

Dear Elizabeth, i post some interesting points i found about the expression "locked in lunar nodes":
1)"....Nodal balance and a singular approach to life is naturally favoured in those for whom the natural houses (those numerically corresponding to the sign position in the zodiac) of their nodal sign placements oppose the houses in which their corresponding nodes are natally placed, a condition known as the nodes being 'locked in'...."

2)"...When the Nodes are locked in, destiny also seems locked in and these people are held to balancing their Nodes more easily. Their outlook and outlet to life is much more singular. The South Node never should be neglected in pursuit of the North Node; however, balance always should be maintained..."

What i can understand is that, in cases of Nodes being locked in, South Node is part of North node and vice versa.

Moreover, i find it very interesting when i see other similar cases of nodal reversal. For example, i have seen in some natal charts the North Node's ruler being in the same house (and sometimes in conjunction) with the South Node. In my opinion, such cases indicate that some 'old habits' have to be repeated, so that the person's karmic destination (or mission) will be fulfilled.

Finally, i would like to point out that the South Node has to do with past reincarnations as a whole.

On the contrary,12th house has to do with the previous reincarnation!!!!

Using placidus, i have the same sign in 12th and 1st house cusps (virgo)!i feel that this might indicate a possible pre-mature death(in my previous reincarnation)which prevented me from fulfilling my mission...!Therefore, i came back to do dome unfinished work :)

Thanks for hearing are a great astrologer, you have deeply understood the Lunar Nodes' role in a natal chart and you really help us realize what our souls' missions in this lifetime are :)

PS: By the way, i believe that your profession, which has to do with the occult,psychology, depth and essence, is related more to your 8th house/scorpio South Node. Your intuition and your ability to see below the surface are talents you unconsciously carry within you...from you karmic past :D

Dreamer said...

lol...i forgot to write my nickname...i am Dreamer again :)

Have a nice day...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello! loving your work, thank you for your brilliance! I have south node on the5th house cusp in gemini conjunct saturn.... brutal beginnings in life, lots of loss and passings. now at 40, wondering what gifts this aspect might bring and how can I activate them? are children a definite issue? my saturn is well aspected to jupiter and uranus.

michelle Chris said...

hello! thanks for your wonderful explanation of the nodes! I have a eleventh house south node in sagittarius conjuncting my moon (in sagittarius too). I always feel better when I join a group althouth that have been a source of difficulties in the past. anyway friends in my life are a great life force! but sometimes I find myself longing to express the fifth house traits! (I have natal sun in leo too) may I ask if this nodal placement is good for theater? or people with this placement should avoid the spotlight?