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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

South Node Fifth House (Leo), North Node Eleventh House (Aquarius)

With the South Node in the Fifth House, the default pattern or the past life pattern of the Soul is concentrated on its own self-expression, risk-taking, and whatever brings it joy---including just plain fun. Nothing wrong with that, except that the Soul now desires to move from the excesses and bad judgment of the past, and toward the North Node in the Eleventh House. This is the area of life that calls us to work with and to connect with other people in finding our true path in order to fulfill our hopes and dreams. We are not a solo agent anymore; we are meant to interact with others in those things that are most important to us. Personal risk taking now gives way to considering what is of greatest good to the whole….and consensus decision-making.

Ask yourself: who is in my community, my “tribe,” my network? Who or what do I care about and how can I connect more with them? The computer is an excellent 11th house tool, so finding one’s tribe and networking with kindred spirits is made easier through using the web. We know longer have the excuse of isolation due to physical restrictions, both geographically and personal. We can find our 11th house soul-friends, and choose to join forces with them to play, to work, and to deeply connect.

A fifth house South Node is related to the sign Leo, and when we read a South Node we read the negative aspect of whatever sign it rules. So here, we can see too much self-preoccupation, narcissism, and great creativity--but the energy is flowing backwards and inward to the self rather than outward to benefit humanity. In the fifth house we find all the children or fruit of our self-expression, and ideally an open and generous heart. However, we are reminded here with this South Node that we need to expand all the forms and “children of our creativity” to encompass a greater world.

The North and South Node represent an axis, and when we have this axis we have both the high and low expressions in each, and we are capable of accessing both. So, although we know that the selfish 5th house patterns need to be released, we also know that there is great gold in this shadow placement as well. The fifth house holds great generosity of spirit and the willingness to risk overflowing this great creative generosity onto others. So as we reach for the more objective group expression of this generosity, in the eleventh house/Aquarian North Node, we also hold onto the wonderful playfulness and fertility of the fifth house South Node. As Jung always said---“Remember there’s gold in the shadow.” Tap into both sides of this nodal placement, and give your gifts to the world.