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Friday, June 6, 2008

South Node Fourth House (Cancer) North Node Tenth House (Capricorn)

South Node Fourth House (Cancer)
North Node Tenth House (Capricorn)
In this placement the Soul is moving from
a process-oriented emotional enmeshment in the family and group to a goal-oriented position of
being out in the world. The South Node here
can succumb to moodiness and a dependence on
on others when in its default pattern. Because
the South Node represents where we've come from earlier in this life and perhaps in our former life
it hints at the unfinished business left over and
the qualities and habits we should leave behind.
Moving towards our North Node in the Tenth House, and/or Capricorn, means we are called to follow a grounded plan of conscious action and discipline to achieve our goals. No longer will we be bound by our emotions or co-dependent relationships, but rather we are headed out of the deep Cancerian waters of our family of origin and into creating a place and name for ourself in the world.
People with this placement are often more loved than they realize. It's important for them to make it a point to find ways to to lightly and creatively express themselves, as well as making time to keep company with good friends. They may find themselves given the opportunity to succeed in the world in surprising ways. ~elizabeth For more information on the Nodes :