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Sunday, March 8, 2009

North Node as Gateway, South Node as Essence

How interesting it is that the South Node is often the essence of the first part of life and the North Node can be seen as the gateway to the second part of life. There is no automatic passing through this door, but rather a gradual movement based on one’s choices and experiences. Take a moment to consider what the Nodes look like visually:

The South Node glyph in your astrology chart looks like a container, or a crucible, or even a womb. Whereas the North Node glyph looks like a curved doorway, the reversed womb, or an upside down crucible. And, every planet conjunct the North Node can be seen as something you’ve been “up against” or opposing-- either earlier in this life or in a former life. Yet if you use the higher expression of the North Node and any planet that conjuncts it, it can work for you, and be like “homeopathic North Node medicine.” Jungians would say it has a compensatory function in the psyche.

Planets conjunct the South Node reflect a necessary karmic lesson in order for you to
“go North.” The same can be said for planets squaring the Nodes—a necessary karmic lesson, or skipped step, that you need to go back and look at again. More about these in the “label chapters” on this blog, and lots about it in my new book being released around March 21st: North Node Astrology: Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose.

Astrology is such a unique way for exploring what Spirit intends for us! We don’t need it, but it’s another helpful tool that has been given us. I believe that prayer, and all forms of divination—if done in a sacred heart-felt context, will bring to light answers, deepen our questions, and soothe our Souls. It’s another gift, as when Jesus said: “Ask and ye shall receive…”

During this period of retrograde Venus, we are all being called to look at our unfinished business within the Venusian realms of relationships, love and beauty, and money. Something to consider…!

I also need to say that I’m not being able to answer some of your comments now (you can still make them, and I read them all!) but the publishing of this new book seems to have swallowed up all my energy and time….so be patient with me. Wishing all you readers a happy spring, and enjoy our new daylight savings time!

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  1. Thank you Elizabeth for all your efforts to teach us these things. I love your blog. I love your message. Your book will be my birthday present to myself.


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