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Friday, May 29, 2009

Is the Life You're Living Too Small For You?

Is the life you are living too small for you? Chances are the answer to that question is some variation of yes. Chances are, the question may arouse some anxiety because that thought poses a variety of challenges, some big and some small. It hints of change and it’s not exciting to think that a “larger life” could mean the disruption or potential loss of the goodness that you have in your life right now.

It is exciting however, to think there may be ways we might “recreate our self” and our lives to move towards a larger life without chaos or loss. Some writers have suggested that it is mostly a weakness in the muscle of our imagination that keeps us from being and doing all we could be. There are other very practical reasons why we don’t or can’t do certain things we’d like to do. I’m sure you’re reminding yourself of those things now as you read this.

But consider this. It’s true that change and re-creation are easier said than done. Here’s an analogy—if we think of the astrology chart as a committee meeting of all the “planetary voices” in your psyche—all sitting around a conference table with the aspect lines in the center as the lines of communication between these voices—then you, as moderator of this committee, can tell certain parts of yourself to be quiet and others to speak up. If we think of these planetary archetypes as members of our inner committee that are asking to be “listened to” then we can open up to new possibilities from those parts of our self that have been silenced…or at least those parts of our self that have been made to sit quietly with hands folded. As chairperson of this committee, you can listen to those members that know how to find ways to increase your capacity for joy and energy.

It is also true that sometimes you simply have to wait till the time is right. When the planetary voices in our psyche are stimulated by strong transits—that is, when other “committee members” come to their aid by conjunction or trine they get stronger. Even when strong planetary transits make hard aspects to these lesser heard “committee members” within us, we have a unique opportunity to give them a voice.

Life has a way of forcing us back into old patterns and listening to the old voices that have spoken the loudest before—and so we listen again to the same “loud-mouths” and wounded parts of our psyche and tend to repeat the same old solutions to the same old story. Yes, we know that crazy, but we too often get a little lazy until life gets uncomfortable enough to encourage change. Then we become better listeners.

So now you may be wondering if wounded Saturn and ruthless Pluto have talked enough? Maybe you’re getting tired of reacting to the default patterns of your South Node? What about the gifts of Jupiter and the healing medicine in your North Node? Have you allowed Uranus to stop acting like an adolescent rebel and let him really loose? What would his version of freedom and inventiveness really look like?

The family karmic inheritance enters in here as well. Have you been blocked by fear, unconscious anxiety, or resistance to change because you’re allowing ancient family patterns to repeat themselves in your life now? Do you really want to live in reaction or in repetition of your father? Or mother?

Have you thought of where you avoid conflict and thereby avoid the necessary conflict of values that allows you to be true to yourself? Is your Venus always going along with things? Or is she so scared she’s trying to control the show and still not happy? Is your Moon sadly looking for permission or guidance from someone who may never show up? Is your Neptune demanding unconditional love or squirming with passive-aggressive confusion?

Interesting questions. Call for a committee meeting. Now may very well be the time to answer the summons of your Soul and to reach for your largest life. Isn’t it time to call an inner committee meeting again with you as moderator and recording secretary? You could take notes. You could let everyone get a chance to speak. You could research some of the ideas that come up at the meeting. (Some of the ideas that may have been thrown out in the past may now be workable if you change the story script of your life.)

With transiting Neptune and Jupiter making a “dream-encouraging conjunction” in the skies right now, there may be some surprising and energizing ideas being offered up to you—why not truly consider some “deep listening” at this time? (c) elizabeth spring



  2. A recent dream suggested to me that my "center was too small". Trying now to live from a "larger center". Mythologizing my life more gives me more courage and energy.
    Great article, thankyou!

  3. Have you allowed Uranus to stop acting like an adolescent rebel and let him really loose? What would his version of freedom and inventiveness really look like?
    Exactly! Being an Aries with Mars trine Uranus, I do feel like I act like an adolescent rebel instead of embracing a more profound change. Uranus is about 4 degrees from my NN in Scorpio, both in the 3rd house, not close enough for a conjunction, but still pointing in the same direction.


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