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Friday, July 17, 2009

Elizabeth Gilbert, Soul Purpose, and the Creative Daimon

Is living a life "of purpose" reserved only for a few great people? Is creative genius limited to a few gifted people? What would it mean for me, for you, to truly "show up" at our work and in our lives with a deep trust in the rightness of the process of our life and of our creative unfoldment? Big questions, with perhaps simple answers.

In this linked video, by writer Elizabeth Gilbert ("Eat, Pray, Love"), she brilliantly reminds us that when we show up and make space for our genius to flow through us, we open ourselves up to something larger than ourselves--to what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious. Art, inventiveness, soul purpose, intuition, and all kinds of creative "gold" floats in this collective pool. When we choose to open to it--ie simply when we "show up" for our work, we take the responsibility off our shoulders and onto the Muse, onto God, onto the process of life; the Tao. We become a channel for divine inspiration, and the creative daimon.

When we make an intention to "show up" on the yoga mat, the writing table, the painting canvas, or the childcare center, we are showing up for our life. We are allowing "God" and the creative daimon a space in which to be and to act. How responsible are we for what happens then? Perhaps not as much as we think. That's a fascinating thought--we do our part, and then let the rest go....

Elizabeth Gilbert reveals some of her genius in this video--this realm of purpose, joyful creativity, and responsibility...and the lack of responsibility! This is all what we've been exploring in this blog on life direction and soul purpose. Enjoy...!