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Friday, July 10, 2009

North Node, South Node, and the Quest for the Authentic Self

“Let go of your distractions
before they rob you of your life.”

The South Node holds your
distractions, your old habits, and your reactive tendencies—all those things
that rob you of your authentic life. It’s familiar and easy to “frame” the story of your life in terms of your old life, because you know it—life has showed you certain things up until now, so that this is your reality. It doesn’t have to be that way. The negative qualities of the South Node have shown you where you’ve been and what you’re bringing over from a past life or from earlier in this one. It reflects your family karmic inheritance, and your particular karmic story. It’s old, it’s tired, it’s familiar—and it’s not the whole story!

The North Node is what the Soul aspires to, and by following the positive qualities of its sign and house it leads you to what is unfamiliar and new. It’s both the road and the Quest itself. It takes the old personal story and says: “why not this, instead of this?” The North Node holds the homeopathic medicine that leads you away from the distractions and habits that keep you from creating the new story of your life and from being your authentic Self.

Authentic Self? So how do you know when you are truly being you? What story about yourself are you buying into now? You may be getting married, divorced, or going off on a new adventure to Barcelona or Peru, but what “distractions” will you carry with you that will keep you from being open to the new experience? Yes, it’s the baggage of the South Node distractions that we all bring with us, and we need to “repack our bags” if we are going to truly open up to something new in life.

The “Quest for the Authentic Self” is a great idea in theory and rings true for spiritual seekers whether we are existentialists, astrologers, or Buddhists. In this quest we’re looking at maps in the form of books and charts, and we are looking to unleash the silenced voices in the psyche. We’re also listening to others, and the truths they speak. We’re questing for new questions, new answers, and risking the journey; we’re willing to be brave.

The Buddhists remind us that we suffer because we’re attached to specific outcomes and permanence. The Existentialists remind us of the necessity to use our freedom and free will in creating an authentic Self, and the astrologers remind us that we’re not alone—that we fit into a larger meaningful pattern in the Cosmos, and that there is much that is unconscious within us.

I believe that as we discover the many planetary “voices” that live within each of us, we find that these archetypal symbols—these planets and Nodes—point the way to a larger and more authentic life than we’ve ever known. And as for me, I’m in a new process of “re-packing my bags” with a North Node Directional Map—which means I’m looking at how I distract myself from a more authentic relationship with myself, with others, and with my work. I’m going to delve deeper into my Taurus North Node to find what resources and values are truly waiting to be lived. Once I release myself from all the distracting stories I tell myself about myself—all those old South Node Scorpionic stories of “how it all was and how it still is”….well then I’ll have time and space in my life to open up to a deeper more authentic life. It all takes time and compassion, but I’m ready to bring on the new! What about you? © Elizabeth Spring


  1. I find this post intriguing. Matthew Arnold wrote of "the thousand nothings of the hour" and I can certainly attest to the power of distraction and old ways to conceal worthy goals or frustrate achievement of goals already formulated. It's hard to become aware of mental impediments just as the fish is unaware of the water.

    I think a lot of the difficulties we create for ourselves politically because of our sure knowledge of “how it all was and how it still is.”

    Astrology doesn't do anything for me but your thoughts are powerful.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I've come to check out your site after the lovely comment you left me, and your writing is just great. This post especially (the south node/north node pull) is something I've been spending a lot of energy on recently, so it would be great if we could do some work together... I think we're definitely moving in the same direction.

    I'll drop you an email in a couple days when I get reoriented- or just shoot me some ideas. I think this will be very exciting!


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