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Friday, May 23, 2008

South Node Second House, North Node Eighth House

South Node Second House,
North Node Eighth House

The South Node represents what we’ve come into this life with---the gifts, the wounds, the challenges. On the most basic level, the South Node is where we are comfortable because we are familiar with the territory, and in the Second House we can be very comfortable indeed. Having the South Node ruled by Taurus and Venus, it suggests that our comfort zone is in being independently resourceful, and that our creature comforts are very important to us. Taurus, Venus, and the Second House all love security, good food and drink, loyal friends, and the type of life philosophy that is rooted in a pragmatic and sensual understanding of life. Nothing wrong with that!

That is unless you take it too far. And this is the case if it’s your South Node in the Second House. The South Node always represents the area that we didn’t get quite right in a former life, or earlier in this one, so we are called to release these habits and traits. This Nodal combination speaks to the need to move away from the dependence, security, and comfort needs of this house and move towards the willingness to risk one’s present level of security for a deeper, truer level of security and integrity.

The Eighth House, whose astrological synonyms are Scorpio and Pluto, are about the willingness to die and be reborn like the phoenix if necessary in order to live a life of integrity. No false security or living in the world of denial for North Node Eighth House people!

The North Node in the eighth house, the house of Scorpio, calls us to find the emotional bottom line in all we do. It calls us to move beyond comfort, security, and even the simpler pleasures of life, and to look into the eyes of the bully to find the frightened unloved child there. It calls us to Truth and to new experience. It calls us to reach for the understanding of another’s point of view, other than our own, and the willingness to intimately and dynamically become related with that “Other.” It asks us to understand the highest level of inter-dependence, rather than dependence or independence.

And that is really a powerful place to be in! Here is where we can truly know the meaning of loyalty and trust. A North Node in this Eighth house is quite a gift if we can harmonize the qualities of our Second House into this, providing stability as well as ambition, integrity as well as intimacy. © Elizabeth Spring


Amii said...

I have North Node in the 8th house in Gimini, and I have Pluto in the 1st house in Scorpio. I feel that the power within this, often times even over powers my Aries sun.

young man said...

I have the exact same configuration, Gemini North Node (and Chiron in Taurus) in the 8th and Pluto in Scorpio on the Ascendant.

By this point in life I am starting to feel like the most significant realizations about life for me will be through intimate relationships with women. All of my relationships have been pretty intense in tone, the kind that have transformed both in very real ways (always for the better though from my point of view). There is a kind of life or death quality about my attitude towards them, I'm unable to just surrender to the nice and comfortable things that a partner might offer (this makes me feel guilty) unless there is a deep psychological level involved where both can look deep inside the other, understand and affect change.

I am now in a situation like this, and out of respect for both of us I will just have to end the relationship. With this configuration (well, with everything, but especially..) I think it's paramount to never drift too far away from the sense of what you really need (and you have that sense), truly learn to respect others and thus be totally honest with them, there's no other way.
Otherwise there will be unnecessary hurt, misunderstanding and negative vibes.

But hey it's an exciting, if heavy, path to take though. :) Good luck Amii and others

Vandelay said...
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Anonymous said...

I am starting out with the planets in the houses thing...

I have Mars in 8th house
and Asc Node in 8th house

My Asc Node is Aries
so too is my 8th house...

can someone please interprete?

elizabeth spring said...

My best suggestion would be to buy the book: North Node Astrology, or to get a reading from me. This blog explains it in part, but the book and or a reading really pulls it together....~elizabeth

ambrose said...

I once had a close friend with this combi. her NN is in cancer, in the 8th house. She is very lucky. she has loyal friends, stable home etc. But she was the worst betrayal I ever had. I trusted her with too many things, and slowly, I saw that she used this trust to betray me. she wanted to guy i liked, so she slowly (in a couple of years) pushed us apart. Not only that, she is one of the fakest and most superficial people in the world lately. she has aries sun, gemini moon and aqua venus. somehow i feel that her NN has a part to play. Unfortunately, instead of utilising the highest scorpion energy (eagle; integrity), she used the lowest of the low. She is hurtful, doesn't care who she hurts to get what she wants, and is one of the best manipulators out there. Probably honed from many many years.
if anyone has insights please feel free to add.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you did not mention the practically guaranteed financial problems at some point with NN nodes in 8th. All NN in 8th should be cautioned about use of their money and others money.

Amii said...

I also have chiron in taurus in the 8th. wow seems that we do indeed have alot in common. Pluto is 8 degrees away from my ascendant in pluto. I too feel that I need a deep connection with those I have intimate relationships with. As if our souls would speak to each other, and connect the deepiest part of ourselfs. however superficial relationship seem very fake and repell me.

Amii said...

* I meant pluto in the first house in SCORPIO 8 degrees away from my ascendant. lol

pam said...

Hi. I also have gemini north node in the 8th house with pluto in the scorpio in my first house. I have found the things that have caused me the most pain in life is my inability to have deep and meaningful relationships. I seem to always push people away and become to clingy and attached with boyfriends and good friends I have.
I feel like most of the relationships I have in life are just superficial and don't mean as much to the guy I'm with as it does to me, and a lot of the firends I've had haven't been the deep best friends kind and I've been back stabbed by many of the ones I thought were my best friends.
Maybe there's something I'm not doing right, not picking the right people somehow? idk, I'm wondering if anyone else has the same problem I've had, being terrible with relationships, being back stabbed when they feel they can finally trust someone?

O and I have had money problems, though I'm better now than I used to be. I like security and buying new things, probably cuz of my s.n. in the 2nd and also I have a stellium including my sun in sagittarius there (with mercury and jupiter conjunct my s. node in sagittarius!).

patricia lancaster said...

I have nn 8th house Libra sn 2nd house Aries...@ age 51 with some astrology study and NNode study...I agree with the authors' suggestion, "buy the book: North Node Astrology, or to get a read" from her. "the book and or a reading really pulls it together....~elizabeth" wish I could afford to do just that...I will make it a mid term goal for myself, to accomplish by 2011...tricia

Matthew said...

So true! I have 2nd house s.n. and 8th house n.node and resonate totally with what you say. Thanks...

Kim Werfel said...

I have my NN in late Sag in the 8th, conj my 0Cap moon. They oppose my merc/venus in Gemini in the 2nd. When my mother died, she left me less than my siblings in her will (moon in 8th) then my Dad did the same thing...only in a grander scale, blackmailing me to pay him $ I did not owe him. It was all about integrity for me. I would not pay what I didn't owe, and he punished me financially in his will. But I felt tremendously that it was some kind of spiritual test - being bought for $. I resisted and lost quite a lot of money, but somehow feel it was the best thing I did. It was blood money, and I am karmically free of bad family karma. Great article, as you see, I really relate!

diksha said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I have been reading about the lunar nodes for years now and I've found your articles to be the most insightful.
I was really confused at one point in life but with help from your articles I think I've pulled it together.
There is one question that baffles me still, in my chart my north node is in taurus and in the 8th house, whereas, my south node is in scorpio and in the 2nd house.
I'm not entirely sure how to see this reversal of houses/signs. I was wondering if you could help.


Anonymous said...

So struggling with this now.
Having a horrendous time financially, with people depending on me for financial AND emotional support.
I have NN in Scorpio in 8 house, Taurus SN in 2 house. I feel like I'm being eaten alive with money worry.