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Friday, May 23, 2008

South Node Second House, North Node Eighth House

South Node Second House,
North Node Eighth House

The South Node represents what we’ve come into this life with---the gifts, the wounds, the challenges. On the most basic level, the South Node is where we are comfortable because we are familiar with the territory, and in the Second House we can be very comfortable indeed. Having the South Node ruled by Taurus and Venus, it suggests that our comfort zone is in being independently resourceful, and that our creature comforts are very important to us. Taurus, Venus, and the Second House all love security, good food and drink, loyal friends, and the type of life philosophy that is rooted in a pragmatic and sensual understanding of life. Nothing wrong with that!

That is unless you take it too far. And this is the case if it’s your South Node in the Second House. The South Node always represents the area that we didn’t get quite right in a former life, or earlier in this one, so we are called to release these habits and traits. This Nodal combination speaks to the need to move away from the dependence, security, and comfort needs of this house and move towards the willingness to risk one’s present level of security for a deeper, truer level of security and integrity.

The Eighth House, whose astrological synonyms are Scorpio and Pluto, are about the willingness to die and be reborn like the phoenix if necessary in order to live a life of integrity. No false security or living in the world of denial for North Node Eighth House people!

The North Node in the eighth house, the house of Scorpio, calls us to find the emotional bottom line in all we do. It calls us to move beyond comfort, security, and even the simpler pleasures of life, and to look into the eyes of the bully to find the frightened unloved child there. It calls us to Truth and to new experience. It calls us to reach for the understanding of another’s point of view, other than our own, and the willingness to intimately and dynamically become related with that “Other.” It asks us to understand the highest level of inter-dependence, rather than dependence or independence.

And that is really a powerful place to be in! Here is where we can truly know the meaning of loyalty and trust. A North Node in this Eighth house is quite a gift if we can harmonize the qualities of our Second House into this, providing stability as well as ambition, integrity as well as intimacy. © Elizabeth Spring