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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Venus Square Neptune

Venus Square Neptune

Tell me, my friend, are we not all beggars

Hungry for love, hungry for more?
Savoring our illusions, do we not
Delight in the delicious longing
of our desires…
Mistaking each other For the Source?

Though I may be a beggar
I ‘m a lover and a listener too—
Though my rhythms may be awkward
My yearning to connect
Brings me to the edge—
Where I wait—
I wait for you.

For hope is the point between us
An aphrodisiac of the Soul
When there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do
We look to where the passion lies—
And call this passion: God.

So increase this fire in my heart!
And go away—you must.
Carve out of my denseness
A hole where through
That Light can shine.

For hope is this space between us
Though some might call her faith
When ego’s pride is burned away
I’ll find your face in every face
The birth will then be mine—

So turn up the flame, my Soul’s turned in—
I’ll take no substitutes.
No false gods stand before me now
I’ve had enough of mere beliefs
To know this fire’s
In my bones.
(c) elizabeth spring Thanks to Pamela at PRRussell for her Fantasies and Earthings photo, so appopriate to this delicious spring....and appropriate too for the longing between Venus and Nepune for beauty and love. This post will end the poetry metaphor for astrological aspects for awhile...I will be moving into the Nodes in the house placements next, for those of you who have been patiently waiting! And how do you find Venus playing out with Neptune in your chart?


Jessica said...

I have this placement and so does the person I love. Longing for love and illusions describes us both perfectly. We sit in the dark and hold each other and listen to music. If I didn't have Cap on my 7th, I think this would seem like sheer perfection for me forever.

Jan Bird said...

I have this square too and it plays out very much in idealising love - and with Venus in Leo, acting out in my head how I would like it to be. Music plays an enormous part in my life and I love to discover new artists and singing with them. I find I can express the Venus very strongly through music.

Anonymous said...

I have this aspect between venus in pisces 8th and neptune in sag 5th .

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound crude but really I think it's all fucked with this aspect. Basically people who have this aspect are fucked if they don't try to change. I have this aspect and it's not good at all. Because no matter how dreamy it is sooner or later you'll get your heart broken and you won't even know why. I realize there tends to be a deep fear of compromising our ideals, fearing the tragic implications of giving up our dream of how we want love or sex to be, as if we can't live without these dreams or illusions. But in order to save ourselves and not be afraid anymore we need to have courage and realize that only reality can give us happiness and real, solid relationships are more meaningful and infinitely more mystical than resigning as a victim or martyr while holding onto our visions of grandeur and romance. That's all I have to say about that.

elizabeth spring said...

I agree with you, and I think the poem isn't very clear--it means to imply that the only way out of the illusory Venus/Neptune predicament is to go into it, and change the alchemy--change the fire of passion to a fire for God/Individuation, and becoming all that we individually can be. Yes the romance of it all is projected onto the Magical Other, and instead we need to become what we idealize....elizabeth

Mangoo said...

Speak for yourself, Annonymous. There is nothing remotely rewarding about enduring the multitude of selfish, dishonest, evil bags of flesh that disguise themselves as human aka "having real relationships".

Anonymous said...

Ola , eu tenho venus em quadradura com netuno no meu mapa astral de nascimento , gostaria de saber se o potencial pra artes e criatividade é o mesmo de quem tem a conjunção de venus e netuno?obrigada