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Monday, May 12, 2008

Venus Conjunct Pluto

Venus Conjunct Pluto

Tonight—at sunset—I went down
To the bottom of the boat.
Steel doors locking behind me
Descending into his darkness
I boarded this boat, death place of fish—
What did I hope for here?

Enclosed, trapped, dark
Nothing alive survives here—
Why must I play out these feral illusions?
This siren call—
Storm tossed and wild—
I’d set the bait myself.
He found my note, frozen in bottom of a barrel.
Come visit, he said, and I did.

He sat me down next to the helm
Overlooking the bay,
Looming large here,
He looked hard, wounded—
A bloodied hand from too much work.
“It’s all I know” he said.

He told me how in a storm he goes slow, drifts—
Rolls with the waves, and likes it.
This I like.
Whereas I go too fast—
Too passionate, I knock myself off course
Making me homesick, seasick—
Losing myself.

Eyeing me now, he wonders why I’ve come
Some flight of fancy he thinks—
Or worse—
Some flight of desperation
I know.

“Our work is similar I say—
We set the bait and hope to catch the fish—“
I pause and smile.
“There’s a difference,” he says
“I go out and net them—
You lure them in.”
“Not true,” I lied.
He smiled through stained teeth.

The light was dimming—
A narrow pink strip of hope
Appeared along the horizon.
“Where’s Venus?” I said
Knowing she was nowhere near here.
Where were the words to hide?
How far off course I’d come….

Silence descended. He shifted in his seat
And looked full-square at me;
He spoke of how a man went down to hell
To save his woman—
“Persephone” I said, “was abducted
Into hell—“

What heroic expectations
Were getting washed out here?
And would I who had come to see—
Too curious—find myself hooked and writhing
On these dank wooden floors?

“Would you like a cookie?” he asked.
I must get home before dark, I thought,
I must get home before dark—

(c)Elizabeth Spring


Randall said...

Very nice.

Wallace Stevens once wrote something--these aren't exactly the words--but pretty close I think: a poem should almost elude understanding.

So much good writing Elizabeth!
Thanks, your posts fill in gaps, and raise questions too. Just right.

Jan Bird said...

Loved this poem Elizabeth. It's very appropriate for me at the moment, with an 8th house Pluto transit, I seem to be surrounded by invitations to go further into the dark than I've ever been. Journeys I've avoided, but am now not being given much choice, so I'm learning to surrender and go with them.

Plus, I've recently encountered someone with whom I have a strong Venus/Pluto connection through synastry, and it's truly one of the most disturbing and enthralling things that's ever happened to me. I can very much relate to going too fast, and knocking myself off course. I really am having to learn to "roll with the waves" and surrender control in areas where I previously would not let go.

Thank you!

elizabeth spring said...

Disturbing, enthralling, juicy, dangerous, and obsessivily unconscious=Venus/Pluto. Also vulnerable, tender, elusive (like poetry at times) and utterly transformative....
Thanks for the comments....~Elizabeth

Jo said...

I love this.