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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

 Three Things You Need to Ask for in an Astrological Reading

Who are you apart from your family, roles, and relationships? Is your history and the way you frame your life story—your “personal mythology”—dictating your life? If this self is not an expression of your Soul, you may find you are in the midst of a Soul Revolution—and the Soul revolts through physical symptoms, fear, and a general feeling of “stuckness.” None of it is pleasant.

 So how do you dialogue with your Soul to find out what it wants? Are you willing to take on the project of finding out what your heart really needs? Your head says: there are things I must do, there are issues around time, money, my family, and—on top of that, I just don’t feel so good! Maybe I’m sick or depressed. Maybe. Maybe you need a soul dialogue.

And so you try. You pray, meditate, try new things and approaches…you gain new insights, summon your courage, and plan to endure the process of finding your life direction and soul purpose. Brilliant. A great start. Maybe you change your diet and de-clutter your bedroom or office, or you join a 12 step program and talk to others about that initial insight or abyss or stuckness that you’re getting over. So far, so good!

  But some morning something happens. The fabric doesn’t hold, and you need something else—now you don’t need astrology to change your life, but it sure can help—not only with a fresh insight, but with sensing how things change, and how you can learn to trust the process of change and growth.

So here are three things you need to know to understand your astrology chart and what you need to ask for in an astrology reading:

1—Look to see if there is a “resonance and compatibility” between your Sun sign and the way you live your life. This should be obvious, because the Sun represents your life force energy, and holds the key to your identity. Ideally, something about who you are and your way of doing things should have a resonance with the nature of your Sun sign. Learn what your sign really means, what it likes and how to work with it!—i.e. if you know you’re a Sagittarian in your early twenties, will you want to take the office job for the corporation? Will you want to marry early? Ever hear the refrain “don’t fence me in”? A Sagittarian screamed it from the top of a mountain. But if that job proposal allows you long week-ends and time away to travel with your friends, hike the mountains, or to dig into your favorite books and take night classes, then why not? Don’t settle for simple answers or clich├ęs. Find the deeper meanings in that Sun sign.

2—Consider the gifts and challenges of your North and South Nodes. There’s a strong message there—a long term Soul warning of what may be a “Soul Cage” for you in your South Node default patterns, and what may be “good medicine” for you in your North Node. This is about your life direction and soul purpose. It’s what you need to know to stay in alignment with your original soul contract. But why does the sign of your North Node often feel “not you”? Because it’s the compensatory medicine that helps you to align and dialogue from a place of safety within your Soul. It may feel more of what you need than what you have.

3—Consider your transits. What’s happening for you now? What’s the best place to focus now? The day to day transits you read on the internet, like the morning weather forecast, are fleeting moments—it’s the outer planet transits that matter—as they conjunct, oppose or square your natal planets….look closely at how that “committee of inner selves” that we call planetary archetypes, is being “besieged” by the current transits. When, where and why is this happening to me? When will this be over? Where should I focus now? Why is it happening? Remember that no transit happens before its time. You’re ready; that’s why. You can handle it, and it’s time to make a move….but if it’s a Pluto transit you may have to practice surrender, and if it’s a Uranus transit, you can’t wait any longer to begin a real change. Find out your astrological weather forecast.

This is what I help you do in a “reading.” And so, this is why I ask you to tell me in an email letter before our time together: What brought you to this moment in your life now? What’s your story? And what might you need to know? Of course, you can do this yourself, or you can do it with an astrologer…but you’ll do the most important talk with your Self when the “reading” is over, and the insights sink in. That’s when the true dialogue with your Soul begins.