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Friday, April 1, 2016

What is the most important thing to know in astrology? Part Two.

What is the most important thing to know in astrology? Part Two.

In the previous post the North Node was said to be the most important thing to know. Besides the reasons mentioned there, it’s so important because it’s so useful! Like the quality of the food we put in our body, the quality and type of “experiences” we have will affect how our life feels and if we are nourishing our Self.

For example, if you have the North Node in Taurus it’s a suggestion that you bring Taurus-like qualities into our life. Think about Taurus for a moment: what do they like to do? How do they act? That is what you need to bring into your life to compensate for the excesses of the South Node—the place you are moving away from. The South Node is always in the sign exactly opposite the North Node and in this case it would be in Scorpio.

Taurus is a sensual earth sign that likes to feel comfortable and secure—emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually. Trust is a big issue for Taurus and they enjoy loyal friends—you’ll often hear a Taurus saying ‘come over for dinner!’ Both nature and music are healing for them--many Taurus people can sing, or at least enjoy having music around them.  They tend to take life slow and deliberately, savoring the good things in life.

Now one of my clients has this North Node, and her biggest complaint was that she was always rushing around and felt too much anxiety. It was as if she was running away from the drama, trauma and intensity of her Scorpio South Node. She was missing the point of her life journey—which was to find the sacred in the ordinary/commonplace things of this world. Instead she was living out the emotional memory of her Scorpio South Node by running away from and towards things she thought were more important or necessary. She created the intensity and anxiety she needed to release. She needed to know that in this life, she could be safe. She could go slow. She could enjoy the simple sensual delights around her, and honor a commitment to her life, her work, and her family. Security is never solid, but more of a process, and that was something she could still move towards more mindfully—that Taurus North Node.

We went on to talk about what area of life (the house placement) the North Node was in, and she left feeling that she had a real guide now for prioritizing her life. Even if you don’t have your chart, and don’t know the house placement of your North Node, the sign is the most important piece. You can find the astrological sign of your North Node in an Ephemeris or in the chart in my book: North Node Astrology.  An astrologer can also help you look at aspects to your Nodes as well, giving you hints of how best to live out your Nodal journey. Good luck, and enjoy finding this fascinating clue to living a better life!  ~Elizabeth Spring~