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Friday, November 13, 2020


Soul Work

"Let us give thanks for the work we do

Let us pay homage to the gods, goddesses

symbols, sign and synchronicities

that make their appearance as grace

when the choice is made ‘to ask and then to receive.” 

When “Whether called or not called, Go is present.”

Let us give thanks for the chance to be messengers

To bring the good news that all is well

And all manner of things are well

That life has meaning

That there is a rhyme and reason

A warp and a woof, and inner and an outer,

An ‘As above, so below.”

Let us give thanks for this knowledge

That grows into wisdom

That honors life cycles as well as seasons cycles

That sees meaning, where others see despair

That sees patters, where others see chaos

That sees hope and evolution where others

See none.

Let us give thanks for this ancient soul language

That challenges us to find the words to translate

The subtle geometry of the Soul; a language

That sees little acts of change as large acts of courage

That delights at seeing the shy smile of recognition

When the personal story meets the larger story

And is truly hear.

Let us give thanks for this work

That repeatedly shows us how wrong we may be

That what we see first is not all there is

That people are far richer, more complex

And nobler than we image

And that what we see as God or human flaw

Is flawless in design. For the gift is in the effort

In the practice of reaching to understand

All the unknowable mysteries

For which are so truly grateful.”

Elizabeth Spring