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Friday, May 30, 2008

South Node 3rd House, North Node 9th House

South Node Third House, North Node Ninth House

The South Node always represents what we are most comfortable with, as well as our default patterns in life, and our habits that we fall back into when we don’t bring consciousness into what we are doing. The North Node, by contrast, is the direction our Soul longs to go towards in this life, and its qualities are like a guiding North Star when we have our North Node here.

South Node in the Third House can suggest unresolved karmic issues with brothers and sisters and situations from our early childhood. It also suggests that communication in all its forms is especially significant for us, and when used well, it hints that we bring with us an understanding—a savvy-- of how to get along in the “market place” or in the immediate world around us. We’ve got street smarts, and we’re curious, and want to know “what’s happening.” When not used well, a South Node here can be flighty or fearful of going too far or too deep. As the third house relates to the sign of Gemini, we could say that any of the negative characteristics of Gemini would apply here---especially the puer or puella complex, which is also known as the Peter Pan Syndrome; hinting that a part of us is reluctant to take on the role of growing up and expanding our world beyond the familiar.

The call of the Ninth House, which is ruled by Sagittarius, is a North Node call to expand outside the comfort levels of our community, our town, and our old ways of seeing things. It’s a call to expand, and to find a true spiritual rudder for our Soul’s journey through this life. A North Node placement here is always colored by whatever sign the Node is in, but it still carries the message of adventure---asking us to read, travel, and to dare to try to understand in a deeper way than ever before. This house is the house of the higher mind, and it wants to be nourished by contact with anything that inspires and stimulates us to find “meaning.” As it is the house of meaning-making, it is also the realm of spirituality, religion, and philosophy.

The 3rd and 9th houses have a lot of resonance with teaching, speaking, writing, telling our story, and movement through time and space. We are called here to see life as a grand Quest, and then to tell the story of our journey—to communicate what we know and what we’ve learned. Not so bad!
~elizabeth spring (c) 2008
*Photo: exotic spices in Southern France--I took this photo, and the trip, with a person whose Nodes fall across the 3rd to 9th house axis. The effort to expand his world turned out to be a pleasurable experience for both of us.


  1. interesting.

    you definitely have the information i've been in search of for quite some time now.

    I post on this one beause someone I know has this placement..

    my question isn't in regard to them at all.. at least not completely about them anyway

    you see, my sun, ketu and BML are all in a very tight conjunction in my 5th house Virgo.. all 3 trine my ascendant in Taurus

    I keep running into people, all who have a north node in Scorpio which automatically makes their South Node Taurus..

    now Jupiter in my chart is in Gemini but falls in my 1st house.. along with the trine this makes me a hell of a Taurus, no?

    now.. why do I continu to run into these people which im not necesarilly "good" for? this continues to happen constantly and I noticed it toda.. I find that its actually quite odd..

    can you make anything out of this?

    PLEASE, feel free to reply in an email.

  2. I have this placement that you describe, Pluto conjunct North Node, also conjunct Eros, in the ninth house in Virgo. What does this mean? I'm looking for some direction in my life, and ready for a transition that aligns with my chart. Thanks!

  3. PS I am a double Sag...


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