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Friday, July 25, 2008

South Node 8th House Scorpio, North Node 2nd House Taurus

Away with the drama and trauma and melodrama! No more tragic love stories, no more battles for power, struggles for revenge, hidden agendas and all the stuff of great novels. Just peace. Serenity. That’s the movement away from the South Node in the 8th house to the North Node in the 2nd house. Your Soul needs a rest…

The 8th house South Node, ruled by Pluto, has struggled to transform and be re-born like the phoenix, and somewhere in all that struggling has come an exhaustion and weariness of the spirit. This life is now one where you are being called to rethink your values, your priorities, and put the Venus ruled 2nd house of Taurus back in its position of prominence. This is not the Venus of the struggle, but of gentle inquiry---the one that has the savvy to pick her own battles and chooses the “mutual fund” that agrees with her political and ecological consciousness. This is the Venus that soothes us, and reminds us of our roots in this good earth. She’d rather write a poem than put on the dress that makes her into the femme fatale. She finds the sacred in the commonplace, and makes it extraordinary.

The South Node here has great gold in its shadowy inheritance---it has a hard won wisdom and occult knowledge that can serve us well when used right. Certainly astrologers and those interested in astrology, have resources here in the 8th house. But as always with the South Node there is the defeat and despair of what we didn’t get right earlier in this life or in a former life. We paid too much attention to other people’s business rather than our own. We were the power behind the throne, or the one who “borrowed” another’s values, glory, money or husband. Our own yearning for these things seemed to make it acceptable, but we missed the basic course in ethics and compassion and fairness.

This new North Node in the 2nd house is deceptively easy---stay away from all that. Just be good and mind your own business. Enjoy yourself, don’t tell me you have to “work”---instead, take a picnic to the beach to watch that beautiful sunset. Easy….yes?!

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  1. It sounds so easy , unfortunately I have virgo saturn and north node in the 2nd house opposite venus and south node in pisces in the 8th.This almost makes me feel like striving to be ultra normal and work 65 hours a week lol. Thank you I am enjoying your blog.

  2. "This new north node in the second house is deceptively easy" is my favorite line...ever. As a native of this nodal position, it's so amazing to be alive in an incarnation where, I, am precisely the thing which places obstacles in my way and then gets to realize that I am not bound to suffer that harsh path. I just made a huge (south node in eighth-inherent risk taker) career change thinking that I needed to go through a very difficult, rite of passage into adulthood. The necessary rite was to realize that I don't have to suffer in order to become what I am "meant" to become. Now it's time to piece back together what I can and re-establish my REAL goals.

  3. Ah....! I like your take on that. Now I want to know more of your story....would you be willing to share a little more? ....God is in the details.... I also have this nodal axis and am always wanting to learn as much as I can about a few more wise words???
    elizabeth ~

  4. hankyou Elizabeth - Your article rung true for me. I have 2nd-8th house Gemini North-Sagittarius South nodes. I feel like I've been living in a heady cloud my whole life - but recently I have started apprenticing on a farm to gain skills to take back to a retreat centre - I can't believe the difference its making...I feel much more present, full, solid and like I'm becoming a contributor, a being that can now manifest quite happily and quietly, teaching through those means rather than through my usual pontificating diatribes about spiritual unfoldment!

    You are also right about the south node melodrama. As a child, I lived in fantasy, constantly daydreaming up melodramatic love stories, tradgedies, near deaths of lovers! ...and gosh...I still have a tendency to do so! bingo. cheers.

  5. I have a Cancer Venus conjunct North Node in the second house. The first half of my adult life has been spent waiting for a Prince Charming to come and make everything worthwile, and protect me from this cold, hard world. Talk about self-undoing! This really hit home. It's finally time for this "princess" to ascend the throne and take on the responsibilities, and joys, of ruling her own territory.

  6. Good for you! I can relate to that with a 2nd/10th house axis too....don't be too hard on yourself though, most of us don't really start doing the NN till later in life. Good to find ways to tangibly build self-confidence...get grounded and prove yourself to be the wise woman you are! ~ elizabeth

  7. i can understand this, although my nodes straddle on the 1st/7th axis. they are still tied to a virgo stellium in the 2nd and pisces moon in the 8th. i am currently being tortured by the uranus/saturn opp. on top of this and my saturn return, and reinforcing my natal square to neptune in the fifth. phew! it seems like it's been going on forever, but i'm fairly sure that it'll work out well if i can get past my fear of hurting others or myself by making huge mistakes. mamas, don't let your babies be born during the virgo/pisces lunar eclipse! ha. :) peace,

  8. yes, but with a stellium in Scorpio, i LOVE that drama.

    my most recent one was with a gal with exact opposite node (Leo/Aquarius), but both of us NN in the 2nd. it was so intense. so 8th House. so fast. so done.

    so what?

  9. Hi again Elizabeth. I'm sorry but I never checked up on any replies from you on this loss! I wish I would've and I hope we can still carry on a dialogue about our "little situation" regarding our N. and S. nodes. :) My story? Wow. Let me try to just lay out the big ones: I have always had this tendency to put myself (or leave myself) in very heavy, intense, usually painful relationships which seem to always involve me blending with the other and becoming much less concerned with/for myself. One really interesting thing that I've noticed just recently is that the aesthetic aspect has always been left unsatisfied. I've always continued this inner dialogue with myself that usually goes something like this, "it doesn't matter that I'm not very attracted to her, I'm interested in something deeper, I love who she is." Maybe a little bit of second house neglect? The second big one: I've been on a smooth path with lots of rewards and benefits in the Air Force. But, suddenly, when things were the most comfortable ever, I decided I needed a HUGE challenge. So I switched services, and undertook a very difficult new path in the Army. :( So far, it's been rough and I'm still left feeling unsatisfied but now it comes with a strong feeling of anxiety, perhaps even nausea. Did I mention that I also thought it would be a good idea to get married right as I made the biggest leap of faith ever? Yeah. We should talk! (I just got back from Stevens seminar in NYC on his new book and more importantly, evolutionary astrology in general. It was great.)

  10. Sorry Elizabeth, I just realized that in my excitement and haste, I forgot to clarify who this is and which post was mine from above. I was the one who wrote about creating their own obstacles to later remove them when aware that it was unnecessary. I posted it on 11 Oct, at about 5PM. Also, let me give a couple more things on the technical side: NN Virgo conjunct jup, second house. (only with koch house system, it's in the 3rd with the Placidus, this makes me wonder a bit)/ Scorp sun, 4th house perfect square aquarian moon in 7th/ SN ruler nep in 5th perfect trine mars and midheaven. Tons of 5th house activity all squaring mars in the 2nd. Interesting no?

  11. Hi David~
    I just came back from Steven's workshop in NYC too! Did I meet you there...possibly just briefly in the elevator? I honestly think you would get a lot out of reading my new book with the emphasis on the NORTH NODE--its compensatory, healing can get the book either from (reviews there too)or from me. There's also a lot of personal/memoir/heart-felt material on relationships there in the book's not that I don't want to answer your astrological thoughts/concerns, but its really too much to do without a phone reading/session...too much to write. Hope you understand~elizabeth

  12. Actually, I do understand. Even the intro into some of what I've been mulling over was too much to type out here on the blog. Oh, and by talk, I was indeed talking about a reading! I think I'll have a look into your book and then we'll schedule something if you have time. ...and I think that was probably me in the elevator. Tall guy, a little younger looking than most of the men there (which I was surprised to see).

  13. Elizabeth (or anyone else),

    thank you for your words. they are extremely comforting!

    i'm wondering, however, if you have any advice for someone with mars conjunct north node in the 2nd house in aquarius?

    i'm finally realizing at 38 years old to just take things slow . . . anything else you'd recommend?

  14. hello,

    very inspiring info! i wanted to know if you could offer any insight- as i have a Scorpio north node in the second, and have Pluto Rising square my Cancer Sun Moon, and Venus in the 10th-
    does the Pluto rising/aspects with the South node have any significance in regards to my north node???
    was wondering


    *my natal pluto is currently "arcing" to/conjunct my north node and will be exact this Spring...

    for so long i've wanted to transform my financial security(meaning to actually have some:) and have had several failed attempts...has left me incredibly weary and 'lost'
    could this conjunction/arc be the beginning of a long term solution that could also enhance/integrate my spiratuality??

    thank you!


    P.S. also recently met someone whose Sun Sign is conjunct my Pluto...

  15. Hi Joey~
    Yes, the conjunction could be played out positively like you mentioned, and this is the kind of question which I simply can't answer with any integrity without lots of pondering your chart. The only other idea I could offer is to read: "North Node Astrology" and if you buy it from me, it's cheaper than through amazon. Pluto/phoenix transits are hard, but ultimately they work out for us and bring us into a new life....blessings to you on your journey! ~E

  16. Hi Elizabeth,

    My 2nd house North Node (in Libra) is conjunct my Venus/Sun, which is connected through Scorpio in Neptune to a conjunction with Mercury and Jupiter. In addition, I'm discovering that my 2nd house contains numerous smaller planets, asteroids (Muses), and fixed stars. It's jam packed. And opposing this stellium of planets and points is my 8th house South Node and Lilith corridor.

    I was struck by one of the previous comments regarding physical attraction. I guess I view that subject from a completely different perspective. While I believe the 2nd house absolutely must include physical compatibility, I think it's the 8th that longs for overwhelming, soul-consuming attraction, and I wonder if sometimes people mistake the two. For me, at least, the 2nd is all about finding out what we truly value -- minus all the life and death drama of the 8th -- and then living a full life that incorporates those principles. And since my North Node is in Libra, it's about sharing my life with a partner who shares my ideals, and who helps me to feel comfortably grounded, calm, and safe. My love for my husband has grown over the years, and the roots of our love run deep. Every time he walks through the door, I'm filled with profound gratitude that he's in my life. The fact that he's a passionate Scorpio with an earthy Taurus Ascendant seems very apropos.

    Over the years, my connection to God and Spirit has become the most important value of all, one that I try to live out in practical ways. My 8th house gifts are still with me, they're just utilized in different ways now; I've made a conscious choice not to go down those darker paths. And I still struggle with developing new talents, and with figuring out how best to put those talents and values to good use in the world. Themes involving the 8th house, Pluto, and Scorpio are prominent in my chart, and my biggest challenge has always been (and will continue to be) aligning my will with the higher will of God.

    I'm enjoying your site, and this post in particular. I'll be visiting more often now that I've found you. Thanks.

  17. Hi, Elizabeth--

    I have NN 2nd/Leo vs. SN 8th/ Aquarius. My SN is also closely conjunct Saturn/8th. I can totally relate to the "deceptive simpleness" of just letting go of all the drama! For me there's been so much struggle has been with thinking that in order to be self-sufficient, I am not "allowed" to have friends, or lovers, or husbands. I've spent a lot of time alone over the course of my life and felt no small amount of bitterness over the repeated betrayals I've experienced--even from members of my own family (I have an afflicted 4th house as well). I have a deep awareness of occult ability coming from past lives, but have struggled with having to focus my "witchcraft" :-} (which is an 8th house matter, of course) toward expressing itself through my 2nd house in this lifetime--I think of magic as the "going out" process (psychic ability, etc.) rather than the "bringing in" process (manifestation). I can "feel" the Saturnian barrier that keeps me from psychically crossing over into other realms and it frustrates me greatly. Another 2nd/ 8th house matter I deal with is that I am married to a man who pays a ridicutous amount of alimony to an ex-wife. Because I eventually took on the budgeting for both of us (which I think is a positive expression of 8th house energy) I know that we still have "enough," even minus the alimony he pays. There was also great drama around our becoming a couple, as well, as his now-ex wife is mentally ill (official diagnosis). His daughter is also diagnosed with the same illness, and her drama always seems to be lurking not far away from our own well-being. It's such a struggle to find peace and serenity amid all this. Healing the bitterness and brokenness of the past is my 2nd house task now, by immersing in simple things, grounding, nature, and learning to mother myself and feel good about myself.

  18. What happens if you have a (2nd house) NN in Scorpio and a (8th house) SN in Taurus? Plus a Taurus sun conjunct SN? How would you interpret that?

    Thanks if you see this,


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