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Sunday, August 9, 2009

South Node Astrology; How Love Sabotages and Saves our Lives

South Node Astrology; How Love Sabotages and Saves our Lives

I’m just beginning my second book, a sequel to North Node Astrology—this one with the title above (and soon a new blog) to focus on that South Node aspect of astrology and the ways that love, and expectations around love, both saves and sabotages us. North Node Astrology focused more on life direction and soul purpose from the point of view of who and what we are doing in the world, and this new book would focus on how love, and lack of love, shapes our lives.

It’s a huge subject—love and loving is intricately bound up with our early attachment experiences with our parents and, in my opinion, from past life re-incarnational experiences. And as we age we develop attitudes, expectations and assumptions about how love operates in our lives. I believe quite simply that the more conscious awareness and insight we bring to this subject, the better our choices will be, and the happier our lives will be.

These two books, on the North and South Nodes, are intimately connected, because how we feel about ourselves and whether we have a sense of life direction and soul purpose, is related to our capacity to give and receive love from others. These North and South Nodes speak to those issues in our charts and they are the two of main issues clients want to know about in astrological counseling. Who doesn’t want to know: “How can I best fulfill my soul’s work and agenda, and how and when will I experience the sweetness of love—that which makes life worth living?”

There are so many types of “love.” Our culture is permeated with the ideal of romantic love as the saving grace--in music and movies we hear about the romantic “falling in love” and what the psychologists, the Jungians, call “anima/animus soul projections” wherein we lose our sense of Self/Soul by giving it (projecting it) onto the other person…the beloved. Ah…such a painful ecstasy. And there’s the soothing yet more sober love that can come at mid-age, with its loyalty, dependability, and willingness to work on the issues that inevitably arise in close one-one relationships. And then there’s the compassionate love that we feel towards others we don’t even know—those people who we may be sitting with us in the emergency room in the hospital when our hearts are open, and our mutual needs felt deeply.

In the astrological chart we look at how love plays out in our lives by looking at it through the lens of Venus and Neptune and all that they represent both in our personal lives and in myth. These two archetypes give us insight into this intense play of love and illusion in our lives. The planetary archetype of Neptune runs this gamut from illusion to disillusionment, escapism, co-dependency, addiction, and being “swept away” or being deceived and sabotaged up to the highest forms of compassion, inspiration, and divine love. It’s all in how we play it out.

Venus is a more “grounded planetary goddess” in that she represents human love in all its sensuality and messiness, and intertwined with all the dramas of relationship. Interesting too, how Venus in astrology relates to money! As a symbol of money, it reflects something of our power or lack of power to attract to us what we think we want or need…..for what we buy and identify with in the material world is a big part of how we define and judge ourselves and others.

So both Venusian love and Neptunian love help give us a sense of identity and purpose in our lives. In this new book, South Node Astrology, we’ll look at how they show up for you as principal players in your life story. The current book, North Node Astrology also delves into this realm, especially in the long chapters: “What’s Venus Got to Do With It? The Alchemy of Desire: Healing the Wounded Heart” and in the chapter devoted to Neptune. Both books are truly part of a whole.

South Node Astrology will acknowledge the importance of both our early life attachments to our parents as well as our past life default patterns of behavior. These two contribute heavily to how we think and feel and act on love in our life right now. But always the good news is that we can choose to continue to reframe our stories with understanding and compassion. We can make new choices based on new insights.

I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts about this…..although I’d ask you to distill the details of your stories to what you’ve learned and what insights you could share on this with the rest of us. You can respond personally at or leave a short pithy insight or suggestion below in the comments section.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    All I can say is WOW...I only just "discovered" you today. I am enthralled. I have a book, "Astrology for the Soul", I think thats the name. I lent it to a friend who cried when he read about himself. I know you didn't write it but I am just saying how amazing it is to get in touch with the nodes. I would love to have a reading or buy your book, but, at the moment, finances are actually comical! I am almost to $0 for the first time in my life since...don't remember! But, I am not stressing excessively! I just want to say that i hope I can converse on your blog. That would be heavenly! The other most challenging part of my life is relationships. My man's north node is the same as yours--Taurus--and mine is...Libra...I will not go off on a rant! If you can talk to me a little, I would so appreciate it. If not, I understand. I love everything you write. Just in case you are not busy, haha right! My birthday is (9/22/58
    I never mind asking and I never mind a NO!
    You are wonderful! Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you so much Margaret! I really appreciate your comment today as this is also the first post in the new blog "" as I begin a new adventure with the Nodes looking at them through our emotional memory of love, or lack of love, so a new beginning do a mini-reading in this comment form wouldn't be fair--it usually takes me 90 minutes to do a session! But I think if you delve around this site into the sign and house positions of you (and your man) you'll learn a lot....there's a lot here "for free" that's also in the book. And there are websites where you can get your chart for best of luck on your journey, and I'm very happy to have you as a reader! ~E

  3. Yes, I see how many articles you have...I will definitely check them out. i will love to get your book but since I live in costa rica...and pretty remote...I have to wait til i get back to the US or have someone bring it down.
    Meanwhile I will enjoy reading your posts!


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