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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

"Astrology for the Third Act of Life" Just Published on

Midlife gives you a chance to deepen and connect with your Soul. But when are the best times to make changes? When is the time to pare down, turn inward and draw the threads of your life into a tapestry? When do you have new beginnings in mid-life? You may be forty, sixty or eighty-eight but it's time to become re-enthused about your next chapter of life! By combining astrology, Jungian psychology and personal memoir, Elizabeth shows how midlife gives us a chance to deepen and connect with our Soul.

Jungian astrologer, Elizabeth Spring MA, has written a book that describes the life passages we all experience in aging: starting with the Uranus Opposition at age 41, to the Chiron Return at age 51, the Second Saturn Return at age 59, the Uranus Square at 63 and the Uranus Return at 84...and beyond. Written in plain English for astrologers and non-astrologers alike--in fact--you don't even need to believe in astrology to get something out of this book.

You can look backwards at the story of your life and see what feels true, and then look forward to what might be coming. Experiment! Each age--each transit--embodies wisdom that can help you navigate these potentially rich times.  In describing each of the astrological transits of aging, Elizabeth gives tools to help you thrive through all these ages; what was once esoteric and unmapped territory is now known. So how and when can you do this?

 By understanding the timing and character of each astrological transit you are more empowered to meet the challenges and see the gifts of each age. As she says" My hope is that as we navigate these waters of the Third Act of Life we will muster the courage to experience both a deepening of our sense of Self and--dare I say it---a re-enchantment of our lives. This journey of aging, marked by the wisdom of the astrological journey, is about meeting all our challenges, but it's also the well with the deepest joy."

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