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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I am doing Readings again!

I am doing readings again, and all the info for setting up a reading is here: http// Readings are in my home or mostly by phone and they are recorded. We use the free conference call number on my website and I do readings from all over the world with no recording cost; the link to the recording is sent to you after our session. Readings are usually just over an hour long and include your birth, transit and progressed charts with special attention to the North and South Nodes. These relate to life direction and Soul purpose; and you can find my book: North Node Astrology on I ask you to send me an email letter with your concerns and questions before so that as I prepare I'll know if you are simply feeling stuck or have a specific relationship, career, or health issue. So to set up a reading: first email me with some days and times you might be available. I can often do a reading within a few days. I will email you back right away, and once we've set up our appointment time, then you go back to the website and secure it with payment on the site. Then email me your letter with your birth info (including time and place) and a little about you and your concerns now. I'll let you know I received it, and we will be all set. Readings are $150 unless you are returning within a year: $100. I've been a full time astrologer since 1992 and have apprenticed with Steven Forrest, Alice Howell, and studied with many others. My Master's degree is in psychology with an emphasis in the work of Carl Jung.