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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Astrology Readings

Yes, I'm doing astrology readings! Check out: to see how to quickly set up an appointment by phone. Even though I'm not an active blogger these days, I am a busy astrologer and would be happy to get your email request for a reading: Because of my books and articles which have spread around the world I tend to get many long distance requests--which is not a problem, as I use a phone recording service that makes it very simple. (Sometimes the hardest part is just getting the time zone correct.) My readings include the birth, transit and progressed charts so that our session can be relevant to what is happening with you now; as well as looking at the Nodes. I request an email letter beforehand so we can focus in on your questions and concerns. This blog had it's birth so many years ago (!) and I hope you find information here that will be helpful to you. ~Elizabeth