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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

South Node Seventh House House

South Node Seventh House (Libra), North Node First House (Aries)

The house description of the Nodes always tells us in what area of our life things are happening, and where attention is needed to be paid. In this aspect, with the South Node in the Libra ruled house of partnerships, marriage, and one-to-one relationships, we see that the default pattern which the Soul wants to leave behind involves being in close relationships in an unhealthy way. It often points to too much enmeshment or co-dependency with another or any kind of unequal relationship which is not a win-win situation.

The North Node in the First House, which has its normal ruler Aries, reflects a soul desire to independence and individuation—to taking care of our own needs and desires first, and putting emphasis on surviving and fighting for what we believe in. The first house is about the individual rather than the group, family or couple, so the individual needs to comes first, before a healthy relationship with others can be achieved.

Yet this Libra/Aries polarity from the seventh to the first house is ultimately about the balance between you and another person, between I and Thou, between Mars and Venus being in co-operative relationship with each other. Even though the Nodes always show an imbalance, they also show a fascinating inter-relationship—and this time it’s between the male and female parts of our nature. And here, it’s saying that the assertive, male, independent qualities are calling to be further developed, and yet there is gold in the wisdom of the receptive, interdependent female side of ourselves. That is the “gold in the shadow” or the gold of understanding that we came into this life with---so now, we need to use that assertive, goal-making part of ourselves to become all we can be, and not to let the process of relationships through us off balance. Sometimes easier said than done! But there is nothing healthier than a good balance of these two Nodal energies.

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