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Sunday, June 15, 2008

South Node 6th House (Virgo), North Node 12th House (Pisces)

South Node 6th House (Virgo), North Node 12th House (Pisces)

The karmic pull of the South Node in the 6th house, will be one of the past life pulling towards a focus on the mind rather than the heart. The default tendency here will be about thinking rather than feeling, working rather than playing, honoring logic more than intuition. The evolutionary pull towards the 12th house, which is ruled by Pisces, will be to balance and correct that tendency with a more imaginative and universal type of thinking in which the goal is to create more compassion in our lives by loving ourselves and others more. No easy task!

This placement is not an easy one because the 12th house is the area that rules the unconscious; the deep psyche, and is not easily accessible. We approach 12th house activities with our hearts, with the arts, with feelings, and obliquely through dreams and divination. Issues around trust and faith develop, along with a tendency to over-analyze things in an effort to “get it.” However ‘getting it” for this placement is often just a softening and an acceptance of the process of living and loving.

Sixth house activities have to do with focusing, discipline, and learning skills to be of use in the world. We mentor others, and are mentored in the 6th, and we are taught skillful ways to live in our bodies and in the world. A South Node placement here wants to move beyond the strict attention to the skills and particulars of a situation and move into the feeling and spirit of the overall picture. This is a Nodal movement away from the particular and detailed attention that the 6th house requires, to the spiritual, meaning-making, and only partially “conscious” quality of the 12th house.

We move in our lives towards finding and redefining our life direction and soul purpose by following our North Node inclinations. With a North Node in the 12th house we are wise to look beneath the surfaces of life to the subtle energetic realms and the realms of the heart as expressed in music, art, poetry and painting.

We can also use this placement very well by being of service to others—especially those who are confined or limited in any way. When life is limited, we are then more open to other realms of experience and meaning-making and we look outside the lines and boundaries of our more mundane lives. This is the high road for North Node 12th house folks---a fascinating journey into the worlds where not everything is obvious or as it appears to be. It’s a world where limitations can be a profound gift. In the 12th house, what is unconscious is begging for conscious understanding and acceptance. Jungian psychology and counseling benefits those with this placement. © Elizabeth Spring


  1. My North Node is in the 12th house whose sign is Virgo. What does this mean? It seems contradictory to me. Help!!

  2. That's why I wrote the book. It's all a bit more complicated than one can explain in a comment form. The book is much more too than just the Nodes.....I think you'd get a lot out of it.~ elizabeth

  3. Elizabeth,

    Thank you for this article, I finally understand all the dreams I have had about " waking up", "making coffee", and drinking/addictions"....things hidden in my unconcuious that I wasn,t aware of, and have continued to do. I have 12th house NNode/Virgo ruled, at 2 Libra....Im a 49 yr old Scorpio, with a T-square or grand square with Chiron included, in fixed signs...and Nep/Jup/Chiron now sitting atop my chiron in the 5th..approaching my Chi rx 15 Nov.
    And the dreams of "things coming to the surface"....Saturn is in my 12th now....and old structures are crumbling, as Im "seeing them"...and taking action/or a risk, and breaking the addiction.

    Thank you, but then I guess I found your article now, to understand some more.


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