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Thursday, August 21, 2008

South Node Eleventh House, North Node Fifth House

South Node Eleventh House, North Node Fifth House

Are your “friends” the kind of people who support your goals, your values, and see you for who you really are? Or are they people who have “just happened to you” along the way? With the South Node in the 11th house, there’s a chance that you need to move up an octave in choosing friends who support you and your dreams, and also a need to leave behind peer pressure in any of its forms. It’s important for you to become clear on who you are and who you want to spend your time with—move away from the crowds or groups that simply fill your time, and find a few “heart-mates” instead of acquaintances, and look for the community or place where you really belong. Look around a bit, so that you can sit at the right “camp-fire.”

With this South Node you’ll want to move away from the lower expression of Aquarian qualities: being emotionally aloof and detached, avoiding confrontation and intimacy, and having a tendency to think you always need more knowledge before taking action. Instead, it’s time to take more risks, to reach for center stage, and to develop one’s confidence---even if it means allowing your childlike qualities to come out more, and for you to be more of a “character.”

Your fifth house North Node here wants to have more fun, and to see life as a game worth playing. It can bring out your entrepreneurial and artistic side as well. This Nodal axis wants to get personal—to risk the love affair, to have a child, to express itself creatively. It doesn’t need to get philosophical and talk about saving humanity---how about just one child at a time? And maybe that child could just be your inner child that’s been neglected for awhile.

In past lives you might have been living on the sidelines watching others interact. You could have done great things as a scientist, an eccentric genius, a humanitarian….one who gave selflessly. Now it’s time to “give to the giver” and to feel the flow of love in and out of your heart. You’ve earned it.
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  1. Wow, this is so me... I got this specific placement of NN in my chart. Your interpretation is so descriptive of the story of my life. For example I am so into information gathering to the point of being an info.-junkie especially that my NN is in Gemini. And indeed I tend to fool myself in a way saying that I need more information before making decisions instead of just takiing risks. yes I tend to be philosophical and emotionaly detached. But I am also a seeker of inner truth so life has made me examine my old ways of doing things and fortunatley astrology and especialy the dragon head and tail help to clarify where I should be heading. Indeed I am currently considering moving more to the stage and be in front of people chanelling the knowledge and childlike enrgy I was blessed with. I have also polishing my communication skills one on one relationships instead of being too impersonal.

    Life is a game
    Life is an adventure.
    Thanks so much for the post.


  2. My NN is in the 5th house and SN in the 11th. I'd say your description is head-on. I definitely give as much of myself as I can... can be a bit tooo serious at times. I def. need to learn to lighten up!

  3. Your blog has excellent insight into the nodes!

    This described me so well.

    I've given selflessly for years due to circumstances, and find it difficult now take care of 'self' but I'm learning!!

    You're right about the south node behaviour going into default, yet as the years go by, you see it less and less.

    Thank you, your blog put much into perspective.

  4. I have NN placement at 10'Cancer but it's right at the end of the 5th house/on the cusp of the 6th at 11 Cancer. Can you clarify this placement? It is a bit more confusing than what I've read above. Thanks!

  5. So sorry to be so late to reply. I've been overwhelmed by the work and discipline of getting this new book out, and honestly, I can't write it all out here, but I do think if you have the inclination to get the book, if you're interested in the Nodes and your transits, that it will shed more light on's an answer that needs a book not a comment! Then, after reading the aspects to the Nodes, the rulerships, etc it would be good to have a book/node discussion on the blog....~Elizabeth

  6. But what if you have north node in Aquarius in the fifth house (and south node in Leo in 11th house)?

  7. How should I explore having the same sun and south node ( libra sun in 11th house)?

  8. Interesting topic and information. Really like this blog post.

  9. Thank you so much very accurate for my me

  10. Thank you so much very accurate for my me

  11. I don't really like this interpretation because you basically 180 exactly what you described for North Node in Aquarius. If we have a North Node in Aquarius in the 5th house, what are we supposed to think??????


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