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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Libra South Node, Libra Moon

In Evolutionary astrology we look at the South Node with eyes that are biased to see what unfinished business, what blockage, what challenge was not met—either earlier in this life or in a former life. So, we read the South Node negatively. To read the “Venus ruled” Libra negatively can be hard, because there is so much charm and personality there. It’s similar to saying “that nice person at the party/the job/the meeting wasn’t really so nice after all.” Too much niceness, too much ‘trying to make the peace at any price’, too much caring what the other person thinks and feels, can make a person appear like a chameleon. Why is there such a desire to please? What woundedness is under that need?

Enmeshment, co-dependence, and a subtle kind of opportunism and neediness are the worse traits of Libra; no matter if it be the Sun, Moon or South Node. In the South Node position or as the Moon, the emotional nature “remembers” on a cellular level an original closeness and unity that is hoped for now, if not expected. Venus wants good relationships, harmony and beauty. Nothing wrong with that. Justice too, and credit for doing a good job. He/she wants to come up smelling like roses, and sometimes Venus bends the truth or takes radical risks to make their dreams come true.

So what is needed here? A healthy dose of its opposite: Mars. Venus needs the independent, assertiveness of its North Node of Aries to create the balance. And whether you have the South Node or Moon in Libra, there’s too much of a default pattern here of the illusive or manipulative feminine—whether you are male or female, we all have our counter-sexual parts within us, and with Libra, you are going to have to assert, fight, survive, and carry the weight of the paradoxes of life on your shoulders. You need to get assertive. Your soul survival may depend on you not depending too much on other people.

As always there’s a delicate crucial balance needed between the opposites. This is the Libra/Aries, “I-Thou axis”-- the relationship balancing “see-saw” between me and you. There’s great gold or goodness embedded in the South Node Libra, or Libra Moon, but if you’re going to learn from this, take a look at how you “act-out” your relationships in your life, and how you respond to beauty. Are you nourishing yourself with “random acts of beauty” and loving kindness? Good, that’s high Libra. Are you finding new ways to nourish your need for true relationships, or are you distracting or deceiving yourself and others? Libra likes the illusions and beauty of Neptunian fantasies, which are fine, but remember to honor the need for confrontation and assertion in your life. Venus needs Mars. The female and male parts of you are all there inside of you, just asking permission to express itself. “Androgyny” can be seen as a kind of wholeness.
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  1. Perfect timing, thanks, for this Libran sun, moon and NN — stepping away from 'dependence' as an employee (no choice about that!)to making something happen for myself and for/with others. Now I can see myself holding hands with both those big energies: Venus and Mars...

  2. What is the significance of having both moon and south node in the same sign? Does it strengthen the south node tendencies in your character and make the north node harder to attain?In my case they're both in virgo.

    I also wonder about the difference in interpretation of the nodes between western and Vedic astrology.
    In the vedic form, the south node represents the spiritual abilities and talents from past lives and points to spiritual evolution whilst the north node is seen as the negative tendencies leading you deeper into karmic attachments.
    I'm aware that different spiritual beliefs underlie some of the variance, but I'm curious to learn how you see it.

  3. The double Virgo there would be an accentuated call to the higher expressions of Virgo, and an awareness of avoiding the lower octaves of that sign. My book really goes into the Nodes in depth, and does some comparison with the Vedic, but essentially I come out of the evolutionary astrology lineage which asserts that the North Node is, at the very least, a good idea. I see it as "homeopathic medicine" for the Soul, and yours would be in Libra. So in the book, I devote a chapter to just that Virgo/Libra axis. Having it double, I think you might enjoy reading it~

  4. You mention that Mars is an important outlet for too much Venusian niceness. But what if Mars is in Libra, as well? Do you have any advice for this placement?

    Thank you!

    P.S. I really appreciate your insight into Lunar astrological aspects! Have you considered writing about the Lunation Cycle [the effects of being born under full moon, waning, etc]?

  5. Mars in Libra needs to burn through ambivalence to assert itself, and that's not always easy. Yes, it can be too much niceness, and too much enabling and seeing both sides of the question, leading to paralysis. Look to where your transits are awakening the other planets in the moment and you may find energy and decisiveness there, even in Saturn and's all in how we play it out. And of course, the ever-changing moon will effect how we feel about what's going on. Thanks for reading.....blessings to you! ~E


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