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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Venus square Pluto, Venus opposite Pluto, Venus Conjunct Pluto in the Underworld




What is Venus’ revenge for the suppression of beauty and joyful eroticism? What happens when sexuality gets twisted into pornography? This is when Venus goes down into the underworld with Pluto and erupts with a vengeance for our blatant disregard of pleasure and true relationship. She feels abused and she rebels, with perversion and pornography resulting—with all its emphasis on “power over another,” control issues, and disempowerment. Both men and women get caught in the illusions of control and pseudo-glamour, and unhappiness is often the outcome.

In astrology, we usually see this usually as the negative manifestation of Pluto, Scorpio and Neptune, often with 8th house undertones. It can also be a lower expression of Mars and Neptune in square or opposition as well. When Venus and Pluto in the birth chart are conjunct, in square, or opposition it doesn’t have to play out as “unrequited love” or unhappiness in relationship, or frustrated sexuality, or a tendency for triangular love affairs with impossible people—but it often plays out that way. Venus Pluto in conjunction, square and opposition challenges a person to explore the deepest dimensions of love, intimacy, and even beauty. Naivete is not welcome here, and relationships cannot be all about the honeymoon stage anymore. Venus/Pluto is truly capable of making true relationships work, when they are willing to do the hard work of relationship--when they have their eyes open.

The intimacy of a high expression of Venus/Pluto is based on love, and a delicate balance of two people as equal supporters of each other. There is often such hope and idealism in this combination mixed with a history of tragedy. It doesn’t have to be this way. Both men and women have Venus in their charts, and Venus doesn't have to be "tormented."

Often a person with the difficult aspects of these planets in their birth chart has had some history of emotional abuse, either early in this life or in their past life. And because they know the territory, they can be the ones who can heal it for themselves as well as others. However, when relationship dynamics remain unconscious, the territory is often played out in the underworld or as an addiction.

So the downside of Venus and Pluto’s expression can be seen as a product of our consumer society, and a symptom of a “loss of soul.” Whether it be an individual or the culture, there’s a loss here—or a fear—of the positive Venus—the Venus that thrives on relationship, equality, and beauty. This is what happens when one cannot "feel" anymore. And of course, like an alcoholic or an addict, one drink or one drug is never enough. Venus/Pluto is not bad; but it has a special mission—it’s a call to take passion and make it real…and good. It can be done! (c) elizabeth spring






  1. So appreciative of your insight.

  2. While thinking, what or who one likes and cares for, is self-evident; it becomess forgotten that others' love and care for us is not from our choosing.

  3. Sometimes I ramble on too long....hope I didn't bore the rest of you!

  4. Death and Venus

    The ivy twisted on my shrine
    was green with shine and dew
    the day I knelt and showed it to you
    the day before the day I knew
    that this sweetly offered love of mine
    would last no longer than
    my ivy vine

    I turned the greens past Venus' cheek
    as I dreamily spoke to you
    of everyday things, and deeper too
    and before I knew it, I knew
    that where once was incense and wine
    was now only a dead and
    dried up vine

    Venus' rosy flush was now a pallor
    as though Death had seen her
    and taken her to wife
    igniting that ancient struggle for power
    between longing for nothing and living for life
    and the cold fear that you and I were forever entwined
    began to haunt me
    like my ivy vine

  5. Thank you!!!
    Xx finja |


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