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Monday, December 10, 2007

Astrology of Menopause

My mentor-blogger at posted a lovely piece about my menopause article which can be read at: Here's what she did~thanks Diane!

One of the best aspects of the Internet and the Astro-blogosphere has been meeting other astrologers. We share a common language, Astrology, and are tolerant of each other’s obsession with the pursuit of knowledge related to astrology. Top Ten Sources of Astrology News just keeps coming up with new people and sites to visit and I found another kindred spirit there, Elizabeth Spring.

Here is a very brief bio:Elizabeth Spring, MA. has a degree in counseling psychology, with an emphasis in Jungian psychology. Since 1969 she has studied astrology with Isabel Hickey, Alice Howell, LIz Greene, and Steven Forrest, as well as doing post-graduate work at Pacifica Institute and the Jung Institute in Switzerland. She has been a professional astrologer since 1992.She has a website: Elizabeth and is just starting to work on a blog. Her blog is linked on my sidebar as Elizabeth Spring, astrologer.

The article that knocked my socks off when I read it was one she wrote on the “Astrology of Menopause”. She starts with the time around the Uranus Opposition (at about age 42) and takes us through our Chiron Return at around 50 and finishes up with the Second Saturn Return.
Here is an excerpt from The Astrology of Menopause:

~snip~ “Peri-menopause is powerful and underestimated, especially since it creeps us on us undetected. It’s as if our internal "shit-detectors" are amped up, and we can smell a rat or hear a lie a mile away. At this first entrance into the menopausal journey it’s time to consciously make new plans, craft new intentions, de-clutter our inner psyches and outer homes, and prepare for a new life. The Uranus Opposition is the first call towards what the Jungian psychologists call individuation; towards becoming who you truly are. Trying to maintain the status-quo at this time is the worst thing one can do. Let this be your motto: "Let’s do something different."As we move through our forties into menopause, it’s as if we’re being stripped of the Teflon coating of hormonal agreeableness, as we’re being catapulted into a time of intense honesty punctuated with times of intense irritation. The worst physical culprits, such as loss of sleep and hot sweats exhaust us, allowing the emotional rollercoaster of moodiness to have its way with us. When we’re awake and sweating at 3:00 AM, we may find ourselves contemplating the limits of sanity, divorce or freedom even when we’ve actually had had a good mind, a good marriage or good job---or so we think, up till now. Reflecting and reframing our lives is best done at 9:00 AM with our best friend over coffee, when we can exaggerate our "wet sheets story" just enough to get a good laugh and a tender hug.” ~snip~

For all of my readers out there younger than I (which is most of you . . . since I’m older than dirt!), if you are in your forties or approaching forty, this is a must read. I sure wish I had known this when I was starting into this very important transition time. And by the way, even though this article was written for women? Men, you also are undergoing the same astrological cycles without the advantage of an obvious physical clue but this transition period is no less important for you to tune into.

Elizabeth has a great sense of humor and a direct, no nonsense way with words and I’m hoping she will continue writing and sharing her hard won wisdom from an astrological perspective. Here is a link to the entire article: The Astrology of Menopause


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