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Sunday, December 9, 2007

North Node; Your Soul Messenger

"Know Thyself"
An ancient Greek maxim, inscribed at the Temple at Delphi

As an evolutionary astrologer, I believe that the North Node is the single most important point in the chart; it describes what your Soul yearns to learn and experience in this life. It is a soul messenger.

Because evolutionary astrologers believe so strongly that our destiny is a unique mixture of free will and re-incarnational karmic patterns, we also look to the South Node to see where we've been, and what emotional memory we've come into this life with. The North and South Node are always polar opposites, with the South reflecting what we've come into this life with--trailing clouds of glory perhaps? A little---but the South Node is more like the details of what we didn't get right last time around, and the difficult karmic patterns we're trying to grow out of--whereas the North Node reminds us of those qualities we privately aspire this North Node, at the very least, is an excellent suggestion for what we are called to do and to be in this life.

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  1. I find the Nodes fascinating and am always interested in learning more about them. Of course, with a North Node in Gemini & Mercury on the ASC, good information is a never ending quest for me.

    My experience with a South Node in Sagittarius has been odd. Even though I've been drawn to typical Sagittarius interests, more & more when I attempt to follow discussions in those areas, it's like I no longer understand the language. Very strange for a strongly Mercury type.

  2. Hi Neith~
    Well, since from an evolutionary perspective we are meant to move away from our south nodes, then it's a good thing that the Sag language isn't appealing or understandable to you these days! My sense is that you're moving towards diversity and inclusiveness, rather than the one true Sagittarian path up the mountain....I think you'd find that path a little boring now!

  3. I think you'd find that path a little boring now!

    In fact, I do. It feels like an old habit pattern sliding into obscurity, and I'm far more interested in pursuing diversity and inclusiveness. Pluto's transit over the South Node wore down those old patterns and it seems Jupiter is removing the last traces by directing my attention elsewhere!

  4. Is the north node the same as Midheaven? I am looking at a chart that has MC but no north node. Would love to know.


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