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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Taurus North Node

Taurus North Node~
Scorpio South Node

With your North Node in Taurus, your Soul craves peace and serenity in this life--as well as good music, a loyal lover, and picnics on the beach with good food and wine! Doesn't everybody? Yes, but not like you---you need these things to remind your Soul that life can be good and safe and beautiful.

Having suffered too much drama and trauma either earlier in this life, or in a previous one, you're suffering now from a slight despair of spirit—one could even say that this Nodal combination has a “forgotten emotional memory” of life at its most tragic. The cure for this soul sickness is to nurture your self with the things that make life worth living. Cultivating loyal friends, enjoying nature and the physical world, and creating a beautiful home that feels like a safe harbor are all good things for you to do.

By choosing to find the "sacred in the commonplace" you re-awaken your Soul to the Divine in all things. You're not being a materialist when you truly enjoy the beauty of a hand-made wooden spoon or pottery bowl, or take time away from your work and ambitions to watch the sun set with an old friend. By seeing into the true nature of things, you get a sense of what many of the mystics have seen--that God is here and now, and found in the ordinary/extraordinary things of this life.

What do you truly value? What do you stand for in life? Something in you needs to know yourself deeper and to prove yourself worthy. The old path or habits that need to be left behind involve too much immersion in other people's dramas...a helping hand is fine, but don't get embroiled in dramas that aren't yours. Power and control issues as well as your ability to manipulate situations need to be let go of. You've done too much of that in the past. The focus now needs to be on you, and finding what you value and what nurtures you.

This life is about finding that mystical sense of belonging to a Universe that is benevolent. No easy task! It's a profound spiritual calling to find spirit in matter, and to find yourself in "right relationship" with others.

On the Taurus-Scorpio path it’s important to ground yourself with a workable level of financial and emotional stability. If you can do that you're ready to retrieve the gold in the shadow--your Scorpio South Node. There's hidden wisdom and power there, for in your Scorpio past you deeply understood other people and had a keen intuitive-psychic nature. You might have been the detective, the shaman, the priest, or the power behind the throne---the one who could hone in on the emotional bottom line. Now if you can bring your new level of security and grounded faith in the goodness of life into your relationships with others and into your work, you can nourish others with your profound wisdom.

Soul Purpose: serenity and stability, regaining a sense of the sacred in the ordinary, a sense of having earned and gained by one’s own efforts, honoring good traditions and preserving what is valuable for future generations.

Shadow: Looking to another for definition, self-confidence, or too much support. Taking things that aren’t yours. Collapsing into a felt sense of emotional pain from previous lives, and adapting an overly serious, gloomy attitude. Going to quickly into studying the occult and transpersonal realities, and thereby taking a spiritual bypass on your emotional life.

***Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright, poet, novelist, and great wit had his North Node in Taurus in the ninth house. A man who celebrated his homosexuality in Victorian England, he paid the price of his passion and suffered a dramatic downfall—he was imprisoned for it and died at the age of forty-six. Wilde certainly shows the polarity of the Nodes in his life and art, and although the Venus ruled Taurus North Node would seek serenity, he profited in the world through using his dramatic Scorpio nature. The nodes, on the 3rd/9th house axis, relate to communication in all its forms, and his North Node in the Ninth house reflected his enthusiasm, his liberal open-mindedness, plus his enjoyment of startling people and breaking up the normality of life—all Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th house qualities. Wilde was also known for his humor and philosophic spirit—again, a 9th house trait. Although one might hope for a better balance with this polarity, and therefore a longer life for Wilde, he nevertheless might not have achieved his greatness without his life of extremes.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Love your blog which I found through TopTenSources, and am adding your link to Stars Over Washington in a while, too.

    We share NN in Taurus so I'm esp interested in your article on it--thanks a bunch for your work and the great info!


  2. Hi Jude~
    Thanks so much. I'm new to this, and its exciting to explore the blogging world ---and your site is great! Thanks for the link.....~elizabeth

  3. My NN is in Taurus, and I recognize myself. The first 35 years or so, especially childhood, very difficult, then life becoming much calmer without the heartbreak and big drama..."Serene" is now one of my favorite words. Just having my second Saturn return, so there is still work to do.


  4. Hi C~
    Glad it struck a chord in you. I'm going to do all the Node placements week by week, and then at some point maybe talk about "where" the Nodes are....which house. Thatcan also add more insight.
    Anyway, glad you resonated with it, and glad to have you on as a reader! ~Elizabeth

  5. Taurus is associated with the 2nd house - can this analysis also work for that placemente even if the sign is different? (mine's in capricorne)

    Very good article, please keep them coming. I love this stuff.

    Hugs []!

  6. Well, Dunyazade, that is the tricky part. It is similar, and true in part because of the deep connection between Taurus and the second house, but this is where you need to combine the nodal signs with the house placements to get the full picture, and again, it can be refined further---and a Nodal "parable" added when you include aspects to the Nodes and rulerships. This is what I'm learning in the apprenticeship program with Steven Forrest. It can describe past life experiences if people want to know.....ES

  7. How wonderful to find this post on Taurus NN, Elizabeth. I'm please to see you've included Neith as a contributor also. Thank you both for your insight.

    I can attribute my attention to my north node needs for bringing a greater joy and happiness into my life. Attending to natural cycles is not always easy in our modern society, so it is good that there are people like you both who are reminding us of its importance.

  8. I found your blog through a google search. Thanks for the Taurus NN post - you're spot on about the "peace" part. I'm a Pisces sun w/ Taurus rising, Taurus moon, and Taurus NN, inner planets in Pisces, outer in Virgo. So despite lessoning of environmental "drama" the past couple years, my internal life can be "stormy" and I sometimes get stubborn with myself. One of the phrases I say to myself alot is "All I want is a moment of peace" :)

  9. Excellent site!

    As a Taurus NN, I relate to the need (like a mystic) to see God in all things, particulary fine objects, the craftsmanship of something, the sound of rain & the smell of fresh air (and a good glass of champagne!)..I find calm in all these thing.. I can recommend Carolyn Myss's 'Entering the Castle' based on the 14thC mystic, Teresa of Avila.

  10. Hi Elizabeth!

    I'm so happy that you posted something positive about this node because I have it and most of what I read is all about doom and gloom and karmic paypacks and past life sorcery. Most of that of which is true (for me anyway;), but I like that you were talking about beaches and food and wanting to feel safe, safe home, loyal friends etc. Absolutely what my goals are now.

    I'm just wondering being as though its in the 6th house how that would affect a job situation or potential jobs situations.

    blessings to you!

  11. Beautiful blog!

    I am a pisces sun, moon, and mercury, and though I have an aquarius rising, I am minutes shy of a pisces rising- I am a total sponge!! :) My north node is Taurus in the 2nd house- finding out about north and south nodes has been without a doubt, in complete honesty, one of the best things that has ever happened to me. You do a great job of explaining the Taurus/Scorpio nodes-- finding time for myself to do yoga, eat well and slowly, journal, take long baths and have alone time gives me the power to fill myself with joy and wear the rose colored glasses my soul craves. I am now better at not overextending myself and setting boundaries- not feeling selfish for taking essential "me" time. Thank you so much for putting out such an eloquent, thoughtful and compassionate blog about these particular nodes!! Muchas, muchas gracias!

  12. Dear,Dear Elizabeth, I hope you are still checking this blog because I want so much to express my appreciation for this insightful, enlightening, encouraging information. While I have made much progress on this Journey, your blog highlighted a couple of "dark pathways" I need to shine a light on. We can never have too many reminders, I think! Thank you! I've just downloaded your book to my Kindle and am so anxious to get to the reading of it. Many Blessings to you!

  13. This is amazing! I agree with Elizabeth... It's quite a relief to not read yet another post about the karma associated with the SN Scorpio. How do you interpret NN Taurus in 6th house?

    1. Think more about being really healthy and skillful at all you do in your daily life. Consider apprenticeship or having a life coach...

  14. Hi, Elizabeth. I have my north node at early degrees of Gemini and in my progressed chart it's about to enter Taurus. Is progressed north node changing signs important?

    What is the right interpretation of having a Gemini north node natally, and having it in Taurus in the progressed chart? Should I try to develop the qualities of both signs?

    Thank you

  15. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the post... I also have natal NN Gemini (0degree) that has progressed to Taurus. I'm curious too on how significant a node progression is and which one to focus on. I also have a reversed chart... Libra ascendant. So even tho my 8th house NN is in Taurus the sign that rules that house is the sign of Scorpio... my SN. I'm just confused.

  16. I have Taurus NN in the 9th, and the same Mercury in Scorpio/Virgo Asc as Oscar Wilde!! Thanks for all you do. Your videos are awesome, and this article speaks to me as well. I need to buy your books and everything yoive ever written! Lol. Best insight i've found after extensive research!! Like seriously! Thanks so much.

  17. I think it's amazing bc i used to feel a strong connection to Wilde, and fantasized for a short while about becoming like him in this life. (:

    1. And felt personal sorrow about how his life ended up, too. As if I had actually known him. I was angry and everything lol


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