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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Soul Work; Prayer of Thanks

Soul Work; Astrologer's Prayer of Thanks

I want to give thanks for the work I do.
I want to pay homage to the gods, goddesses,
symbols, signs and synchronicities
that make their appearance as grace
when the choice is made ‘to ask and then to receive.’
Whether called or not called, God is present.

I want to give thanks for the chance to be a messenger—
To bring the good news that all is well,
and all manner of things are well--
that life has meaning
that there is a rhyme and reason,
a warp and woof, an inner and an outer,
an ‘as above, so below’.

I want to give thanks for the only system of knowledge
that makes sense to me; that honors our life cycles as well
as the season’s cycles-
that sees meaning, where others see despair
that sees patterns, where others see chaos
that sees hope and evolution,
where others see none.

I want to give thanks for this ancient soul language
that challenges me to find the words to translate
the subtle geometry of the Soul; a language
that sees little acts of change as large acts of courage--
that delights at seeing the shy smile of recognition
when the person story meets the archetypal story
and is truly heard.

I want to give thanks for this spiritual practice
That has repeatedly shown me that I am wrong--
That what I see first, is not all there is--
That people are far richer, more complex
and nobler than I could ever imagine,
and that what I see as God or human flaw
is flawless in design.
For the gift is in the effort--
In the practice of reaching to understand
all the unknowable mysteries
for which I am so truly grateful.

Elizabeth Spring


  1. I love your poem of thanks.

    I have a new friend whose Uranus is conjunct my North Node ( I find this aspect a tad jarring !) and when I met him the transiting North Node was on the descendant of our composite chart.
    When I was getting my hair done a few days ago I was thinking about fate and intimate relationships in my life.( Natally I have the North Node conjunct the descendant.) I am trying to take a fresh approach to relationships and not look at them as fated ( thinking it might be an excuse for laziness because I don't like dating and am restless to "get on with it.") Anyways when I got up from the chair in the salon I noticed a poster on the wall which says, "Fate had nothing to do with it. I worked long and hard to find you."!!!!

    I really appreciate your poem as I felt such a kinship with your experiences as an astrologer and often only think of this area in a somewhat fragmented way.

  2. Beautifully stated, Elizabeth - and you speak for many of us involved in helping others & ourselves through astrology. As one who delights in the patterns that unfold every time i look deeply into a chart . . . thank you!

  3. Hi Stardust! Are you doing much astrology these days? I think the combination of fate and the power of your effort and intention, do indeed walk hand and hand with a NNode on the descendant. What do you think?

  4. Hi Elizabeth-Yes I am busy with charts and Tarot readings.Recently my progressed Moon in Libra hit my natal Neptune in the 12th house. My South Node is widely conjunct my Neptune.I spent what seemed a long time revisiting my unhealthy/addictive tendencies in relationships.My North Node in Aries has always challenged me to enter new territory in activist endeavors.In retrospect that area of my life has been much clearer.


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