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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gemini North Node

Gemini North Node, South Node Sagittarius

Gemini North Node, South Node Sagittarius

“Thou shall not tell too much Truth” was once said to a friend of mine with this Nodal combination. She was told this as a child and then it reappeared later in her life as a repeating dilemma. When she told her Truth, and lived her life by her Truth, she often got “slammed by the Universe”. What was wrong?

After some discussion, she was the one who retrieved the answer. In telling her story, her opinion, her “Truth” in the Sagittarian South Node manner, she spoke it reactively, without reflection, and the abruptness of it often hurt people. Sagittarius suffers at times from “foot in mouth” disease, but more seriously, she realized that by adding more tactfulness as well as by being more objective and “contained,” she could still live and speak her Truth, but in a way that didn’t injure herself or others. She realized that this reflection and containment allowed her to see how life was much more differentiated into many shades of gray, rather than the black and white of her first reactive perception.

This Nodal axis takes the raw experiences of life and puts them into a crucible that produces either wisdom or bitterness. By the reflective “cooking” of these Nodes, the raw anger and bitter injustices of life can be distilled, and transmuted into a compassionate wisdom.

Gemini needs new experiences. A good idea for North Node Gemini is in the motto: "Let's do something different!" Your Soul longs for new experiences and different perspectives, and you may not even know it. You may think you've seen and done it all before....but now it's time to do it differently. Earlier in this life, or in a former life, you earnestly pursued Truth and developed a powerful self-convincing story of how Reality is. However it wasn't the whole Truth; you got the view from the mountaintop perhaps, but not from the valley or the marketplace. You may have been a cloistered monk, nun, or an opinionated scholar in a former life, but it was lonely, and now it’s time to ride into the market-place and take a fresh look at things.

Indulging your curiosities and breaking up your routines are good things for you now. Go to the bookstore, the cafe, get on the internet, and find new stories to tell. In this life you are challenged to be non-judgmental, to widen your perspectives, and to really listen to another person's truth in order to cultivate empathy and open-minded thinking. Your perceptual bias is changing, so that you can see things from many different angles—not an easy thing to do! Your reality may feel shattered at times, and you may wonder where your self-confidence has gone. Certain aspects of your life need to de-construct so it can be re-constructed in a new way. . By allowing yourself to follow your dreams and gently releasing old concepts of how it all is, you begin to break new ground. Life is breaking you open to enlarge your heart and widen your perspective; for you are being trained to be the compassionate communicator. You can be the one with new stories to tell that are grounded in personal experience. You're not just the book-smart armchair philosopher any more--you've walked your talk.

It will continue to be important for you to find ways to slow down, and simply connect with others in a way in which you each share the paradoxes and mysteries of life as well as your own "truths." That truth you came into this life with is in the process of getting much bigger. And as you do this, you'll find that writing, teaching, selling, counseling, and communicating in all forms can bring you great success. With your South Node in philosophic Sagittarius you've got some spiritual gold in your past, and now the trick is to take your old wisdom and new found “Gemini street smarts” and unite them. The world needs to hear what you have to say, that is, as long as you're following a path with heart. Keep checking in with yourself that your objectivity hasn't run away with your Soul. In your desire to embrace change, be gentle towards those who lead more mundane lives and don't be too quick to judge. You have so much to give!

Soul Purpose: It’s important for you to immerse yourself in the fullness and chaos of life; indulging your curiosities, being a communicator, and daring to risk your security for a life of adventure, both inner and outer. In telling your Truth and your stories skillfully, with objectivity and reflection, you awaken others to great insight. Communication is a key, but communication is not limited to words alone; it is inherent in the arts, healing practices, and in the “act of loving” in relationships.

Shadow: Your default pattern of letting your enthusiasm override your empathic listening, combined with a philosophic “know it all” attitude, could blind you to life’s complexities and wonders. If you are addicted to certainty, you will deny truths or experiences that run counter to your expectations and belief. Allow room for dialog and relationships that challenge you to expand your concepts of “how it all is.”


Maya Angelou, much loved American sage, writer, artist and civil rights activist has a Gemini North Node in the 10th house of career and public life. She has been called "America's most visible black female autobiographer". Angelou is known for her series of six autobiographies, starting with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in 1969. She has been telling her story! Her volume of poetry, Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'Fore I Diiie (1971) was nominated for the Pulitizer Prize. As testimony to her success, Angelou recited her poem, "On the Pulse of Morning" at President Bill Clinton's inauguration.
Emerging from a violent and emotionally impoverished childhood, her South Node in Sagittarius in the 4th house expressed itself through harsh experiences of poverty and abuse, yet she was able to skillfully find a way to speak her truth with reflection and empathy through her writing and lecturing.

“I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” represents Angelou's experience of racism and other forms of potential imprisonment: by drugs, marriage, or the economic system. This metaphor of the bird in the cage invokes the "supposed contradiction of the bird singing in the midst of its struggle". Maya communicates constantly (Gemini) the necessity for people to arise above conflict and despair, and to embrace life with renewed (Sagittarian) enthusiasm despite the circumstances.

Maya has used her Gemini survival skills and street smarts to rise above a childhood that could have imprisoned her—and as she says in one of her autobiographies: “Women who survive must be at once both tender and tough.” This combination of tender empathy, reflective thinking, and an intense desire to communicate expresses the essence of this Nodal axis.

Maya’s most common speaking engagements occur on college campuses, "where seating is sold out long before the actual event." When Angelou speaks, she sits on a stool and entertains the audience for approximately one hour, reciting poems by memory and following a flexible outline. Entertaining people, whether through poetry, music or acting, is a form of communication that reaches across boundaries and prejudice. Maya has been a public charismatic figure for most of her life, and is one of the world’s great wise women.

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  1. Hi Neith,

    My sun is in Aquarius and my NN is in Gem as well. I live through the internet. I find one-on-one communication too draining at times and not in my comfort zone. I feel like I can get 'a lot more out there' and recieve much more information on the internet than while chatting with a friend in a cafe. That been said, there is a certain depth and intuitive understanding that one gains when visiting with a friend one-on-one. That may just be in SN sagittarian OPINION, but nevertheless - a strongly held one!

  2. Really nice, informative description of gemini N.Node.
    Useful advice. As a gemini NN in 8th, I must say, there was one statement made by Maya A. that really gave me pause. I did not want to embrace the idea. It is her quote "Women who survive must be at once both tender and tough."
    I do not like that statement so I will spend time trying to analyze why.

  3. This post hit home for me because I too have a Gemini north node in the 10th house. I have been having a lot of inner turmoil and this brought me some direction and light. Thank you...

  4. Keep sharing your wisdom NNode Geminis!


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